10 Best Ballroom Dance Shoes [ Review & Top Picks]

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

Are you planning to start ballroom dancing? Go for it, but wait! The first step is ensuring you acquire the right equipment for the game. Before you think of anything else, the main focus should be on the best ballroom dance shoes that will help you shine in the game.

Whatever the type of the dance you engage in, be it American smooth, waltz, quickstep, or any other, you must go for the appropriate shoes that will offer enough support, protection, and longtime service. The shoes need to have a design that they will not compromise comfort at all, yet light to allow fat movements.

Top 10 Best Ballroom Dance Shoes in 2020

NameMade ofSolePrice
Gogodance Men's Boys Lace-up Black Leather Dance ShoesLeatherSuedeCheck Price
Capezio Men's SD103 Social Dance ShoeSyntheticSuedeCheck Price
ANDONE Women's Latin Dance ShoesLeatherSuedeCheck Price
Bloch Dance Men's Xavier Ballroom ShoeLeatherSuedeCheck Price
NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin ShoesLeatherSuedeCheck Price
DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes Mens Ballroom Leather ShoesLeatherSuedeCheck Price
TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance ShoesLeatherSuedeCheck Price

1. Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe

Bloch Dance Men's Xavier Ballroom Shoe

These types of shoes are known to induce a great elegant impression, they make veteran dancers feel heavenly. The men’s ballroom dancing shoes not only loved by those who admire Latin traditional dancing styles but are there to represent brand quality. Their design with low heel yet wide offers better support and flexibility that a dancer would love. The suede outsole grips the surface, giving a smooth movement no falling, no sticking.

The super cushioning on the insole guarantees that the dance feels exceptional support despite making moves all directions as the ballroom dancing styles rule. Bloch dance Xavier men’s shoes are lightweight and durable too.

  • Cushioning on the insole absorbs shock
  • Suede outsole material enhances suave sliding on the surface
  • The shoe materials promote comfort and durability
  • They retail as pocket-friendly price
  • Low heel shank offers sufficient arch support
  • Not designed true to size
  • Heels doesn’t align well and appear irregular
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2. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Amore Open Toe Pump

DREAM PAIRS Women's Amore_1 Gold Glitter Fashion...

The famous reputable brand dream pairs create these elegant open shoes for women with the highest precision that meets all the quality requirements for ideal ballroom footwear. These USA imported pair features durable, lightweight synthetic sole and upper material that makes the shoe look so beautiful.

From far, the open will mimic perfect women’s rhinestone ballroom dance shoes. They further have fitted with a forefoot strap that closes to make them fit. With the 3 inch high heel, the shoes remain comfortable yet stable due to the quality outsole made of TPR rubber. The padded faux insole has cushioning that will never allow the user to experience any discomfort.

  • Elegant and attractive hence classy
  • Slip resistance outsole from Tpr rubber material
  • Forefoot strap makes the fit
  • Padded faux insole brings top comfort
  • Has lightweight synthetic leather on the upper
  • Synthetic material not as durable as the leather
  • The heel is too high for some women
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3. Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe

Capezio Men's 1' Standard Ballroom Shoe,Black,6.5 M US

When looking for ideal men’s ballroom dancing shoes, this type from the Capezio brand takes the medal. The brand aims at providing ballroom dancing footwear with comfort non other can accords. Ballroom dancing enthusiast says that Capezio sd103 social dance closed shoe is the most adaptive that evens the beginner can start practicing with and surely will give flexible yet right ankle support.

These shoes bring relief to the Achilles Tendonitis sufferers, and further, the padded collar on the shoe guarantees that the dancer experiences great comfort whenever on them. The lace tightens fit, while the traction on the outsole will not let you fall while high on dance moves.

  • Moisture wiping cotton lining that keeps them dry
  • Price matches the quality
  • Has perfect shock absorbing insole
  • The outsole is built with sufficient traction
  • Offers comfortable ankle support
  • Not designed true to size
  • There is no variety of color options
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4. CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Salsa...

These cleecli women’s dance shoes are highly rated and praised both internal and external markets for being the best equipment in the ballroom dance floor. Not only that, amateur and veteran dancers find to use them for practice, but they can be used in various events, weddings, evening parties, and other common dance rehearse.

Their design and stability feel brings great confidence to users, making them enjoy comfort and support on the dancing floor. With this lightweight equipment, there is no reason to fear that you may slip and fall, which may lead to complications resulting from the accident. With such comfortable ballroom dancing shoes, a dance enthusiast feels like he or she rules especially when spinning on the floor.

  • There are immense color designs for all
  • Makes you feel obsessed and powerful
  • Shoe retail at very affordable prices
  • The shoes feel comfortable fit
  • The suede insole is reliable moisture absorbing
  • Thin ankle strap that exerts much pressure
  • The sole is narrow
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5. NLeahershoe Dancing Leather Latin Shoes for Men Salsa

NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin...

This ideal footwear from nleahershoe brand offers a mind-blowing performance to the users; every man who loves ballroom dancing cannot resist. The shoes are made with perforated leather upper with the idea to create perfect breathability to the user. With proper air circulation, the foot will never produce a bad smell or induce fungal infections whatsoever.

Professionals and beginner dancers alike make this shoe their first option because it has uncompelled stability, ant slip ability that gives both balance and confidence to the users. The shoes are designed narrow and lightweight, which further promotes comfort. The upper and outsole quality ensures that the dance shoes are durable enough.

  • Offers stable arch support
  • Shoes have sufficient cushioning hence comfortable
  • The upper is perforated to boost air circulation
  • Narrow and light, so no fatigue
  • Soft leather on the upper ensures durability
  • Available in only one color design, black
  • Has pungent smell makes some users uncomfortable
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6. ANDONE Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

RoseMoli Women's Latin Dance Shoes Satin Professional...

Andone brand is recognized for producing this outstanding shoes. The shoes have an elegant, stylish design with strands crisscrossing around the ankle, which ensures a tight-fitting. The upper material includes quality satin, while the midsole has elastic latex. The upper, synthetic material is breathable, and the insole is cushioned for comfort.

The outsole feature suede sole that not only is slip or skid resistance but also is durable and lightweight. These quality shoes are also can withstand forced bending or compression without breaking. These classic pair can be used ballroom dancing shoes, for any style of dance and by both profession and beginners.

  • Shoes are lightweight and fatigue-free
  • Suede outsole withstands bending and compression without breaking
  • Shoes are balance skid and slip resistance
  • The design is true to size
  • Their heels are average, hence safe
  • Not as durable as leather made
  • Comfort can be improved
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7. Gogodance Men’s Boys Professional Salsa Tango Ballroom Dance Shoes

Gogodance Men's Boys Professional Lace-up Black Leather...

Gogodance is a top-rated brand that is known the world across for producing top quality shoes that ballroom m enthusiasts can depend on. What makes these shoes unique is their upper design that is lined up by moisture wiping material that shows your real taste of preference and temperament.

The heel is average, which makes them protective enough to your ankle and also prevents long run complications like back pain that develops as a result of too high heels on the shoe. These shoes feature suede that is slip resistance yet comfortable and lightweight de to cushioning.

  • Designed elegant and attractive appearance
  • Suitable for wedding party dances
  • Their lightweight and comfort is ideal
  • Quality leather upper is soft and durable
  • Features moistures wiping lining
  • Users complain that shoes are too narrow
  • Toe box not spacious enough
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8. TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

TTdancewear Women Red Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes...

Rhinestone women dance shoes from Ttdancewear are remarkable quality shoes that are easy to slip on and slip off at your comfort. Moreover, about this great ballroom dancing shoes is that their uppers feature pure satin and suede on the outsole, which promotes comfortability. They are made lightweight and breathable to allow proper air circulation.

These women’s rhinestone ballroom dancing shoes have heels 3 inches and below, suede outsole allows a proper ground grip that supports a dancer to glide, turn, twirl like moves go. So much you should know is that it is better to invest more in quality and long-lasting shoes than going for cheap that will not last o live up to your expectations.

  • Available in various color options
  • You get top quality at a relatively affordable cost
  • Shoes fit correctly due to quick release buckle
  • Comfort is enhanced by the insole padding
  • Lightweight, durable and breathable
  • Heels don’t last long before detaching
  • The heel pain when you stand for long
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9. DLisiting Latin Ballroom Dancing Shoes

DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes Mens Black Leather Ballroom...

If you are looking to have ideal comfortable ballroom dance shoes that will never fail you, you should look no further, as dlisiting Latin dance shoes have your back. Unlike other ballroom dance shoe that is narrow, these shoes can be the best addition to those with wide feet. They have lower heels, which ensure more protection to the user. They are lightweight, and the upper features soft and smooth leather material that is also long-lasting.

These shoes have an attractive lacing system that attracts men from buying them. They offer sufficient ankle support and are also comfortable due to cushioning on the inside. These shoes are good for modern dancers who are career-oriented and passionate about achieving their dancing goals.

  • The suede outsole offer sufficient slip resistance
  • You can slip off and on quickly
  • The shoes feature durable leather
  • The design is so attractive and classy
  • Comfort and support is exceptional
  • Their sizes are not reliable
  • Heels detach so soon
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10. Low Heel Salsa Latin Dancing Shoes for Social Dancer

Low Heel Ballroom Dance Shoes Salsa Latin Dancing Shoes...

Bulunka brand designs these best ballroom dance shoes that are of excellent quality. As designed with a suede sole that grips firm the surface yet flexible enough to allow slide and turning during high dancing epic. With low heels, that is just 1.5 inches high, which enables users to stand for long hours without tiring or feeling discomfort or fatigue.

The shoes feature elastic latex midsole and suede insole that has sweet or moisture absorbing capability. These shoes are suitable for various dancing styles and can be used in many occasions, such as practice, indoor leisure dancing.

  • Offer great stability and firm support
  • Comes with soft, breathable lining to allow airflow
  • Can be worn in so many occasions
  • The suede outsole allows a good surface grip
  • Low heels hence suitable wearing for long hours
  • Quality is just average
  • Comes in limited sizes, colors, and style options
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What to Look for in Shoes for Ballroom Dancing

When you go to the market to buy ideal ballroom shoes, there are factors that you should consider. Check out the suggestion below to know how to go about choosing the right shoe pairs.

Firstly you should know before you go to the market whether you want closed or open-toe shoes. Irrespective of whether you are a man or woman, there are open and closed-toe shoes for you.dances like rumba and salsa requires you to wear open-toe shoes.

Secondly, consider heel height and size. Heel height depends on your preference, that will guide you on what is the rage of the heels you want. Also, know the size that fits you before you pick a given shoe.

Outsole material matters

For instance, the suede sole is the most recommended for dance shoes for ballroom dancing because they offer proper traction and slip resistance. The shoes make you feel supported and with balance enabling control moves.

Maintenance and cost of shoes is another essential thing to consider when buying the best ballroom dance shoes for beginners or professional dancers shoes for you. Go for shoes that will not cost you so much to maintain yet available in the online market place. Cost also is something you should mind, invest in shoes that retail at a price that matches their value.

Types of Ballroom Dance Shoes

Latin shoes for men- are designed black or patent leather. They mostly worn on Latin friendly events and dances; thou sometimes can be seen on the social dances.

Smooth shoes- there are smooth shoes for both genders, for men have lace-up leather oxford. Ladies type are flesh-toned; they are 2 to 3 inch heels high.

Practice shoes- These shoes comfortably used for practicing the dance moves; both men and women need practice shoes, especially when they want to have a steady type.

Dance sneakers- These sorts of shoes are comfortable, firm, and supportable. Best ballroom dance sneakers have suede outsole. There are sneakers for both men and women.

Benefits of Professional Ballroom Dancing Shoes

They help you master dancing styles fast. Suitable ballroom dancing shoes will make it easy for you to turn and move smoothly while practicing. The outer sole flexibility works wonders in that they turn without sticking on the floor.

They are durable, hence can serve you for a long. Ideal ballroom shoes will last longer as compared to regular shoes. You can use them as you begin the dancing as a newbie and still use them when you become a pro.

Offer you extraordinary comfort. Comfort is everything on the dance floor; therefore, ideal shoes should have proper cushioning from the ankle area, footbed to toes. Comfortable shoes should not hurt you even after the dancing is over.

Feature of Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

There are various features to consider when buying the best ballroom dancing shoes for beginners, as in the description below.

Straps type. Commonly, most women’s shoes have straps with several styles, either multiple or single strap. Some have hook around the forefoot while others peg around the ankle.

Lace or no lace. Both women and men’s ballroom shoes may have laces, especially sneakers. The laces help the shoes to fit comfortably on foot.

Material. Outsole or upper material making the shoes has a great impact. During practice, the plastic outsole is preferable, while when going for competitive events, rubber is considered best as it grips and glides on the dance floor. Upper material making men ballroom shoes is glossy or non-glossy leather, whereas satin material makes cool women shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need Ballroom Dance Shoes?

Ballroom dance shoes are very crucial as they offer a dancer a suitable amount of traction on the floor surface as you practice various skills effectively. Most of them have thin soles, and some have a steel shank for quality support. Ballroom shoes materials are lightweight and flexible.

There Are so Many Brands of Ballroom Dance Shoes, How Do I Know the Right One?

Actually, yeah, there are various brands yet to be able to pick the right brand for the shoes, research through their website reviews. Also, ensure how long the company has been operating to be able to tell whether the experience gained with time is sufficient.

What Type of Heel Should You Consider in a Ballroom Dance Shoe?

Heels height in a ballroom dance shoes matters so much. It is good to go for a lower heel as that provides more stability. Men’s ballroom dance shoes should go not beyond 0.5 inches heel height while for women is recommendable to be above 2.5 ‘’ yet not above 3 inches high.

How Do You Care for Your Ballroom Dance Shoe?

Especially ballroom dancers using shoes with a suede sole, it is advisable to bush every after a session. Something else is regularly oiling. Oiling leather will help keep it moisturized and prevent crackings.


Best ballroom dance shoes should be realistic in that they should offer beginners and professional dancers quality services without breaking the bank. A suitable shoe should come in various color options, elegant look, size, and shape good enough to impress a potential buyer. This article describes all you would want for a great ballroom shoe.

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