10 Best Martial Arts Shoes Karate, Taekwondo, MMA, Kung Fu 2020

Best Martial Arts Shoes

Martial arts involve various branches. In many cases, especially in Southeast Asia, you will find student training barefoot or with minimalist shoes. However, that does not mean that all branches of martial art can train barefoot; it depends on the rules in that area, the style, and even their trainer. Whether it is the student’s preference to train barefoot or not, training cannot be entirely barefoot.

Since we are discussing the importance and types of shoes for various martial arts activities, there is a need to develop a list of the most useful and ideal shoes for martial arts. There are factors to consider when choosing the best martial arts shoes, and this article covers that at length.

What Is Martial Arts?

Martial art is a tradition and ancient form of combat systems that originated in Asia cultures many years ago. These systems have been arranged and systemized depending on their styles, such as Judo, Jusistu, Karate, Aikido, Hapkido, Tai Chi Kung Fu, and others.

Some of them involve techniques in handling swords, skills in kicks, punches, driving arrows, and other weapons. They train on how to react to given attacks as defense mechanisms.

The fighters boost on their ability to withstand kicks, agility, balance strengths reflexes, and powerful cardiovascular endurance. The fights make practitioners develop strong spiritual and mental confidence that improves their perseverance, resilience, and ability to control emotions even during high mental trappings.

The Purpose Of Martial Arts Shoes

The reason for wearing martial art shoes depends on the type of martial arts. You are wearing shoes, a sign of discipline according to the rules of given martial arts. In some cases, the instructor may recommend specific kinds of shoes and colours. You cannot just buy any colour that you wish when in martial art.

The boots symbolize respect and discipline. That is why it will no be recommended, or the management and martial art rules will forbid someone from wearing martial art shoes art home because they are not just for fun. They ear the meaning for the reasons they used. Martial art shoes will also simplify or act as a symbol of identity to the given martial art.

Benefits of Wearing Martial Arts Shoes

Things had changed so much that unlike old times when shoes did not matter during the training of some martial art systems, things have changed today with understanding and technological transformations. These shoes are essential, and one of the importance of wearing shoes when on the ring is to prevent infections of germs and diseases.

Unlike masters, trainees require to use footwears for protection since when trying, those kicks can hurt their toes or cause ankle injury. Shoes can be used to allow gradual recovery, since sometimes you may suffer injuries, and you cannot fight barefoot.

Review: 10 Best Martial Arts Shoes 2020

NameMade ofSolePrice
adidas Taekwondo ADILUX ShoesLeatherRubberCheck Price
TOP ONE Kungfu Martial Arts Taichi Trainer ShoesCanvasRubberCheck Price
T.O.P ONE Kung Fu Martial Arts Parkour ShoesCanvasRubberCheck Price
Canvas Walking Training Shoes Martial Arts Kung Fu SneakersCanvasRubberCheck Price
VIFUUR Unisex Quick Drying Aqua Water ShoesCanvasRubberCheck Price
ASICS Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling ShoeTextile and SyntheticRubberCheck Price
Otomix Men's Lite Martial Arts Karate Taekwondo MMA ShoesSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Arts Sparring ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price

1. adidas Taekwondo ADILUX Shoes

Taekwondo Adilux shoes from Adidas are known globally for their quality designs and outstanding benefits. These footwear does not have bands. They feature soles that support the martial artist and also other people who just need stylish ankle support for whatever reason.

These shoes from Adidas are in big demand around the world today. There is a super demand for a pair of those Adidas taekwondo footwear. They are also observed to be very slim and stretch fast, but they are lightweight. It is true to say that these shoes are highly selling from amazon because of their quality.

  • Although narrow, they stretch
  • They are fit due to their elasticity
  • Offers good ankle support
  • Their lightweight nature makes them best for taekwondo
  • You can afford as they sell under $100
  • Have minimal curve support
  • Not true to size due to stretching assumptions
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2. TOP ONE Kungfu Martial Arts Taichi Trainer Shoes

Among the best rated and accepted kung fu shoes, is this from TOP ONE brand. They are created with an elegant look; also have ideal qualities to be used by women, men, and children. We can say they are unisex in the sense that any gender can use them. They are ideal shoes in that they come in various color options and runs sizes from as low as the sizes won by little kid to the tallest man in the martial art.

They are made durable with a rubber sole that holds the ground firmly. You can wear them all day since they are lightweight and will not induce any fatigue. They feel comfortable, and when wearing makes you feel fitly supported.

  • They can be used by anybody any age
  • Have textile uppers hence cannot hurt
  • Features stretchable outsole suitable for all terrains
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor martial arts
  • Offer best support due to sole flexibility
  • Not produced with many colors options
  • Have no width choices to choose
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3. T.O.P ONE Kung Fu Martial Arts Parkour Shoes

If you want to buy an addition to your martial art, Kung fu parkour sneakers are here for you. These shoes can be used in a variety of systems. Not just for kungfu, you can wear them during your training on taekwondo, for jogging, running, and also for parkour. The so many all in one use makes them favorite. It is because the shoes can serve you many purposes cause even if you are not a martial arts fun you can use them for your own fitness goal.

They are made with stretchable sole, durable canvas uppers that is smooth and not causing pressure on your ankle. Almost in all streets of asia when you are just walking, you can find many wearing because they are so loved and the rating is top. They are available in black and white in all ages. Among the best martial arts shoes, this pair wins more followers.

  • Wear them for lightweight experience
  • Comfort is their key value
  • Built durable and attractive
  • Features mess canvas blend with textile material
  • The rubber making them sole is flexible
  • Available in two colors only
  • Users complain of their narrow nature
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4. Kung Fu Martial Art Shoes Tennis Casual Canvas Sneakers

Here comes super martial art sneakers from the KINOW brand. The brand produced using top quality material that is lightweight canvas material on the upper, which guarantees that they are the best option for Kung fu trainees.

So the upper material is of quality PVC, which is easy to clean, breathable, and wear resistance, which means they can give you extraordinary service before wearing out. They are good for training in various martial art systems and can also be used for workouts, exercises, and weight management goals.

The best karate shoes feature lace-up options, which makes them excellent to pair with clothes for any occasion like wedding, mother’s day, and official matters as well. With them, you have nothing to get worried that you may slip and fall during the training as they are made non-slip.

  • Made of durable canvas material
  • PVC material makes them best lightweight option
  • Comfortable with sufficient breathability
  • Can be paired with archetypal casual clothes
  • Unisex for use by anyone including kids
  • Does not stretch when on high training
  • Material making upper ain’t durable enough
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5. Ace Martial Arts Supply Kung Fu Closed Toe Slip On Shoes

Ace Martial Art is a very crucial addition to the martial arts sporting industry. The shoes are made light fit to give the user perfect comfort even during vigorous exercise. What is unique about these shoes, is that apart from bringing the minimalist sense, they can help you balance the kicks on taekwondo, Kung Fu, and other systems.

Their insole and footbed is reinforced with cotton wool to protect the fighter from suffering blisters and also offer excellent arch support. The canvas material making the upper is easier to dry and durable too. If you are training outdoor or indoor, this will serve you in both situations.

  • Very affordable shoes to buy
  • Lightweight shoes for easy kicks
  • Shoes are easy to clean
  • Covers from top to bottom of the foot
  • Offers comfortable arch support
  • Users complain of poor-performing during sparring
  • Not durable enough
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6. VIFUUR Unisex Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Water sports are engaging; however, just when you know, you’re safe. VIFUUR shoes are among the best watersports shoes you can discover available. These are not only women’s martial art shoes but are made in a classic design that fits men and children too.

The structure includes a brilliant example that mixes well with the water environment. Likewise, it has a jazzy upper and excellent stretch permitting you to take part in watersports. Because of adaptability and solace, they are much the same as socks.

Thus, yoga lovers can have these shoes on the off chance that they need to boost their presentation. The rubber outsole is flexible and upgrades better traction to keep you sheltered and stable always.

  • Features smooth fabric stretchable designs
  • There are numerous sizes for everyone
  • Can be used on any occasion
  • Has rubber outsole that ensures sufficient traction
  • Fits comfortably due to stretchable uppers
  • Durability can be improved
  • They don’t sell with a guarantee
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7. Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Arts Sparring Shoe

These shoes will make you feel high in confidence behind the ring, whether boxing or taekwondo, whatever martial art system, Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Arts Sparring shoe can make you feel all the energy in you.

What makes these shoes better than other kinds, is that the padding covers from the ankle area footbed on the tongue and all the way to the toe box. On the outsole, they are made of synthetic rubber material the guarantees proper grip on the surface hence giving the fight arch support while defending and attacking. The loop and hook closure certifies that these shoes are easy to slip on and off. These shoes are accessible in sizes to fit practically any foot for any gender.

  • With their padding powers sparring and back kicking
  • Protects your toe from possible injuries
  • True to sizing hence fits
  • They have elegant white sole
  • The outsole rubber grips the ground increasing stability
  • Padding can cause overheating in case of sensitive feet
  • Just works for fighting only
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8. ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

For ideal men’s martial art shoes, Asics Matflex 5 will never disappoint. They are packed with qualities that will support you and help you spur kicks uncontrollably. They offer smooth protection as the outsole is made of rubber in full length. The shoes also have space on the toe to protect you against hurting your toe. They are made light in weight, and hence they will comfortably fit you and not cause you fatigue.

Their outsole rubber is soft yet slip-resistant to help support you and make you stable while on the ring.use these best kung fu shoes for a great martial art experience.

  • Looks elegant and support a fighter
  • The sole offers smooth pivoting to the fight
  • Fits comfortably hence user friendly
  • The upper is made of breathable synthetic leather
  • Can be used for various martial art systems
  • They have little grip on wet surfaces
  • Sizing runs small
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9. Otomix Men’s Original Lite Martial Arts Karate MMA Shoes

When looking to have the best shoes for martial arts training, this particular shoe from the Otomix brand is an excellent option for you. Otomix Original Lite shoes are not just for Kang fu or karate. They are known to run across almost all martial arts, including MMA and weightlifting sports. They are super fit and comfortable quality that is will never disappoint the user during the hard sparring.

Their stylish look and smooth rubber sole make them the best option for both indoor and outdoor sports. They are lightweight hence will never cause tiredness to the user.

  • Holds the ground firmly hence ant slip
  • With them, you can use in various sports
  • Their lightweight nature makes them user friendly
  • Have an elegant fit design
  • Their stability and comfortable design is exceptional
  • They retail at a very high cost
  • Some users complain of being too narrow
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10. Vbestlife Unisex Taekwondo Trainning Shoes

These high top martial arts shoes from Vbestlife brand are making significant steps in solving all the needs of martial arts in one roof. They are used mostly by children, teens due to their narrow nature. All trainees will love them because of their attractive and fit stylish design.

For your comfort, make sure you have them. They are made of premium material on the upper, which makes them long-lasting. It can be used the whole day they are lightweight and comfortable. Moreover, they grip the ground firmly due to proper traction outsole.

  • Made very light
  • Wide application in that many systems can use
  • Sizes are suitable for children and teens
  • Good for perfect sparring and kicks
  • Made slip resistant
  • Too narrow no adult sizes
  • Durability can be improved
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What to Look for In Martial Arts Shoes

Material is the key when purchasing shoes that will help you in martial art training. You should go for materials that dry easily. If you buying material that retains water, it will mean you have many shoes hence not economical. Yet you cannot wear dirty due to the discipline in the systems.

Padding or cushioning is something you cannot sacrifice when buying the best martial arts shoes. With insufficiently cushioned shoes, you can end up hurting yourself and having blisters on the ankle or toe, which can cripple your performance.

Buy shoes that also slip resistance.

Remember that traction is everything in the game. If you have shoes that would be making you fall every time you try sparring your kicks, they will not allow you to apply your skills, and the opponent will be taking advantage of that weakness.

More factors consider fit, stability, elegant, price, and other factors like a brand to buy the best shoes for your best performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hygiene Ensured in Martial Arts Shoes?

Yes, hygiene is the discipline given priority in martial art. Remember, these systems have traditions and spiritual factors incorporated, just like some will not allow you to wear them at home.

Do Martial Arts Shoes Provide Sufficient Ankle Support?

Best martial arts shoes take ankle support seriously in that when you are sparring kicks; the ankle is the one to support you on the back. If there is not support, you will lose control and fall when you have one leg raised.

Is There Sufficient Padding Protection in Martial Arts Shoes?

Padding support is a must; that is why martial arts shoes will always have sufficient cushioning on the footbed, the toe box, and ankle. Padding and cushioning are to ensure you don’t suffer bruises because the martial art system is a very active sport that involves powerful movements.

For Training Purposes, Is It Practical to Wear Martial Arts Shoes?

Trainees or students are the ones that require to wear shoes more in order to gain confidence in the game. Shoes will make them not fear that they may get hurt on the toe as they kick an opponent. However, whether to train barefoot or to wear martial arts will depend on which system and rules the master executes. If the master says it is barefoot, respect and discipline take the course.


With this guide that is giving the best recommendation of the best martial arts shoes in the market, you have the liberty to choose which one you like from the color the quality, the material all you wish. But as the advice goes, before you pick any shoes, consult your trainer as he or she will recommend the color and size variations to choose from.

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