10 Best Running Shoes for Forefoot Strikers

Best Running Shoes for Forefoot Strikers

While the forefoot running technique is a more advantageous style of running as compared to others, the chances of getting injuries are much higher. Adjusting to the right pace and acquiring the best running shoes for forefoot strikers can boost your performance to excellent levels.

This running practice aims at making sure that the foot lands to the ground while knees and ankles are bent, which facilitates better shock absorbing and comfort while lowering the possibilities of getting injuries. The forefoot running done for fitness goals, and the method is so effective in increasing performance and speed.

What Is a Forefoot Strike?

The forefoot is the feet’s ball. A forefoot strike can be described as a running technique in which the runner’s heel does not touch the ground. Runners who run short or medium marathons prefers this method because it increases their running speed through toeing off and paw back trick.

You will realize many of the runners who use the forefoot strikes runs faster and safer at the end of the day. However, the techniques overwork muscles, running on balls, help prevent possible injuries on the knee or ankle while taking the loads on plantar tendons, shins, and Achilles tendons.

What Are the Disadvantages of Forefoot Running?

Forefoot running practice may be adopted depending on the nature of running speed or personal training; that is, you are going downhill; you will automatically find your self landing on balls. Also, for faster speed on short races, the forefoot is the king. However, you must know that the style has its own disadvantages in that; without proper precautions, you find out that you overload the calf muscles risking many issues.

It is the common cause of pains that are associated with the Achilles tendon, which most short race runners complain about. Another shortcoming is that you cannot wake as a forefoot strike runner as it calls for core and calf muscle training. Finally, the techniques only work for short distance runners.

The Benefit of Good Running Shoes for Forefoot Strikers

Offers impact protection to prevent possible injuries. A best running shoes are constructed lightweight with thin midsoles and outsoles. The lightweight nature of the upper comes from the material designing, which is knit or mesh, and something also to note is that forefoot running shoes have no cushioning whatsoever since the runners only need to land with the ball and not the heel.

Natural ground touch feeling. Best running shoes feel more like minimalist shoes, excellent flexibility without movement limitation.

10 Best Running Shoes for Forefoot Strikers 2020

NameMade ofSolePrice
Brooks Mens Ghost 11 Running ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 21 Running ShoesMeshRubberCheck Price
adidas Men's Ultraboost 19KnitRubberCheck Price
Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 23 Running ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi 6 Running ShoeMeshSyntheticCheck Price
New Balance Women's Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 20 Running ShoeMeshRubberCheck Price
Saucony Women's Cohesion 10 Running ShoeMeshRubberCheck Price
New Balance Men's 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running ShoeSyntheticSyntheticCheck Price
PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer ShoeTextile and SyntheticRubberCheck Price

1. Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost 11 incorporates ideal features than most forefoot running shoes have. The main feature of this pair of shoes is shock-absorbing and grip. To achieve the intended performance, the Brooks have an outsole that features HPR and blown rubber. Blown rubber on the forefoot while the heel use HPR rubber.

Crash Pod’s addition in the forefoot not only absorbs shock but also aids the heel to toe-off and swiftly forward. The shoes feature the biomogo DNA foam midsole that is an adaptive, responsive ride and absorbs shock. The mesh tops keep the shoes breathable keeping the foot dry and cool. The structure of the shoes is held by synthetic overlays on the uppers

  • The shoes help heal various foot issues
  • Designed lightweight for comfortable use
  • They have reliable sizing
  • Crush pod and biomogo DNA outsole absorbs shock
  • The elegant and stylish look is appealing
  • The price tag is high
  • Their wear and tear comes too soon
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2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 21 Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Cumulus from ASICS is the best forefoot running shoes that serve neutral and under pronation runners excellently. These shoes will not compromise comfort at any costs, and the maker retails them with rearfoot to forefoot gel cushion in an amid to enhance shock absorption. What makes the shoes more ideal is the outsole AHAR compound, durasonge, that works cool on the footwear offering exceptional grip and durable experience.

The forefoot segments give the flexibility that boosts heel to toe conversion. With these shoes, you are protected and guided in that they possess reflective details, which helps evade low light status even in dim light situations.

  • Shoes offer the exceptional shock-absorbing capability
  • The outsole ensures good ground grip surfaces
  • Spevafoam 45 material boosts cushioning and durability
  • Forefoot offers flexible and heel to toe transition
  • Comes with reflective details for low light visibility
  • Not reliable on sizes
  • Comes with a narrow toe box
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3. adidas Men’s Ultraboost 19 Running Shoes

Adidas brand is the most known sportswear producing company that works with the quality of only products. Men’s Performance Ultra Boost is a great product that is suitable for running shoes for forefoot strikers, especially those with low arches. The shoes have a size variation that makes them available in almost all sizes and ages.

The shoes are designed with built-in arch support enhanced by spring rebound and excellent rebound. The design ensures that elasticity or ability to expand in line with your foot, which lowers possible irritation hence facilitating your running efficiency. Shoes are further lightweight and elastic, features that allow running long distances effortlessly on both dry or wet environments.

  • Comes in wide range sizes for all ages
  • Features built-in arch support
  • Expands naturally with the foot hence fits comfortably
  • Have lightweight elastic outsole for an effortless run
  • Midsole boost enhances responsiveness and durability
  • Not efficient when running long distance
  • Comes with hiked price without value correspondence
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4. Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 23 Running Shoe

If you are in a dilemma of which exactly is the best running shoes for toe strikers, then remove all the doubts as Wave Rider 22 created by a reputable brand known as Mizuno. The shoes use u4ic material on the outsole, which makes the shoe have a soft toe landing with excellent shock absorption quality.

These shoes further feature a durable u4icx Strobel placed under removable sock liner, which sends some comfy feel underfoot. About elegant design, the shoes possess a flexible wave pattern knitted to make on the upper. With mizuno’s wave rider, you can walk or run all day tirelessly due to lightweight, breathable material designing.

  • The outsole design ensures proper grip
  • Cushioned removable sock liner provides comfort underfoot
  • Cloud wave technology promotes durability and shock absorption
  • Have a wide size range for total fit
  • Lightweight and ideally breathable
  • Toe box too narrow
  • Users complain of quality not best
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5. HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi 6 Running Shoe

If utmost support and cushioning is the thing you are after in the best running shoes for forefoot strikers, then Hoka One One brand has this quality footwear to ease your worries. Not only that, these ideal shoes provides the right balance but also offer a large toe box to accommodate users who need fit shoes for wide feet.

The toe box offers advantages during landing. Bondi 5 is one of the best running shoes for forefoot cushioning since it features midsole with strobe board and soft EVA foam, which givers lower profile cushioning. With Meta-Rocker technology, strikers can troll fast via the gate cycle. The shoe shape and support is enhanced by 3dpuff Print Edge.

  • Features meta rocker technology hence strikers rolls quickly
  • 3D Puff Print frame shapes the shoe
  • Heel-cup protects the foot from debris and spillage injuries
  • Features soft EVA foam providing low profile cushions
  • Durable insoles adding ultimate support
  • Adding thick cushioning diminishes responsiveness
  • Shoe tongue induces irritation
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6. New Balance Women’s Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe

New balance creates this minimalist resembling the latest version that is suitable for walking and trekking any nature or harsh surroundings, from off-road to steep downhill terrains. They are designed lightweight and Vibram soles that have cool traction to withstand surfaces. These shoes come in a variety of colours and have flex grooves that boost durability and traction to keep stable as you run any trails.

The new balance comes with a midfoot wrap that fits the feet in place while running. Minimalist featuring nature of these shoes makes them reliable running shoes for forefoot strikers and also lightweight to help run long distances comfortably.

  • Have roomy toe box to improve comfort
  • Features Vibram outsole that is anti-slip and durable
  • Synthetic mesh uppers allowing sufficient air-circulation
  • Manufactured stylish and various colour options
  • Cushioned with premium performance foam for comfort
  • Costs relatively high though the quality is worth
  • Protection can be improved
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7. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

Men’s Wave Rider 20 by Mizuno is one of the best running shoes for forefoot strikers created lightweight and larger space on the toe area to ensure that the users can walk or run for long distances without fatigue. The brand designed this footwear with soft soles and having compression-moulded foam midsole.

The mizuno’s wave shoes feature meshy textile on the upper to allow sufficient airflow so to keep the users dry and coll irrespective of overheating or possible sweating will on exercise activities. The synthetic leather on the upper makes the shoe feel and touch in a way it induces comfy sensation to the users. The brand created this shoe durable and true to size from the width, height, and weight.

  • Offers optimum feet protection through shock absorption
  • Designed light for optimal performance on long-distance
  • Responsive for using various activities and occasions
  • Mesh and textile upper for ideal breathability
  • Spacious toe area for motion freedom
  • Thin padding and cushioning hence friction risk
  • Not reliable on rough terrain
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8. Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

Saucony Cohesion 10 Women’s design is a competitive running shoe kind that can leave you in awe for their quality and tolerance. You will think that all technologies and stylish a company can create are concentrated in this shoe design, yet, above all, they remain lightweight with moderate cushioning to serve both beginners and intermediate runners.

Injection-molded EVA midsole plus breathable mesh upper topped with heel GRID you can be sure that these shoes will offer a supportive and comfortable experience for years. Therefore these versatile shoes for forefoot strikers focus on stability, comfort, and support.

  • Heel GRID and injection-moulded EVA midsole ensure comfortability
  • They retail affordable for budget training
  • Created cushioning moderate for lightweight consciousness
  • Suitable for entry-level and experienced runners
  • They are created durable and slip-resistant
  • Does not offer reliable arch support
  • Works well only on dry surfaces
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9. New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

Most people now believe in New Balance due to their high rating, legacy, and outstanding fame in the new century for producing sports shoes for various sports. But trust me, without this men’s high-quality model, they wouldn’t be this far today. Their fresh foam and midsole balance is facilitated by soft cushioning, and the combination boosts comfort and support.

When durability is concerned, the New balance 1080v8 is the king, it offers services for as long as you would want, and the outsole is created to last with traction that will ensure you can walk or run safely. They come in various styles, width options, and shapes for users alternative preferences.

  • Comes in various widths and sizes
  • Lightweight, moderately cushioned for support and comfort
  • Their shape is suitable for smooth running
  • Sets feel good forefoot landing to marathoners
  • Durable and anti-slip model
  • They retail much costly
  • Created a little heavier than close models
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10. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

In the athletic world, PUMA is known to be a leading brand for designing super quality models that not only give comfortable user-friendly, but their design is elegant. Their investment in quality makes many users around the world go for their running, walking, and other sporting nature. The PUMA Tazon 6 FM training footwear for men is lightweight, ideal traction, and comfort enhanced by moderate cushioning.

This model also serves as the best shoes for midfoot strikers due to their forefoot and midfoot landing nature to enhance. They offer stable experience while running, and you can run for long-distance without feeling tired.

  • Offers resilience feature for various activities
  • Slip resistance safe due to traction
  • Manufactured lightweight to enhance performance
  • Best sneakers to provide arch support and comfort
  • Durable with stylish designs
  • Not running only oriented sneakers
  • Comfort and lightweight nature can be improved
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Criteria for Buying Best Forefoot Strike Running Shoes

When buying there are things you need to consider like material making different areas of the running shoes.

Heel to toe drop.

Ideal shoes for forefoot runners need to have the lowest possible heel to toe drop. Larger heel hight shoes are not suitable for forefoot runners not only affect running comfort but also brings various complication after the activities.

Forefoot cushioning.

Consider buying shoes whose forefoot cushioning is just enough to allow comfortability when using not bulky that will prevent minimalist feel. Some good materials for forefoot cushioning are EVA foam, u4ic, biomogo DNA, Fresh Foam, and others.

Forefoot flexibility.

Best running shoes with forefoot cushioning need to provide optimal forefoot flexibility and have a spacious toe area. The roomy toe region allows easy movement when running, which enhances runners’ performance.

Arch support and durability.

When hunting for ideal running shoes for runners who land with a forefoot strike, go for shoes that have sufficient traction to prevent possible slipping. Also, go for the shoes that will offer longer service while training.

Size and budget-conscious.

When investing in forefoot running footwear, consider those that you get the value of your money buy quality that is not only elegant but also has a realistic price tag. also do not go for only quality that doesn’t meet your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Select the Right Size?

To select the right size, measure them in the evening when your feet are relaxed and also use the larger foot to pick the right fit. Most people have one lager foot and also do not conclude your size by the sizes written on the shoes but fit the shoes on your foot.

Does the Shoe’s Weight Affect the Performance?

Yes, light shoes increase the running economy. If you use heavy running shoes very soon as you run you get tired and also later after running you feel fatigued,

Do Shoes Reduce Joint Stress?

Stability shoes take the stress off the ball. So actually some shoes for athletes reduce ankle joint stress which makes them suitable for people with arthritis, feet, or hip pains.

Are Cushioned Shoes Better for Running?

Popularly many people believe that ideal running shoes must be highly cushioned to offer the lowest impact level possible. However, that is just traditional perception. The research shows that the thing is the opposite, best shoes for running, especially forefoot running, need just to have moderate cushioning. The minimalist feel that mimics barefoot is best.


This article aimed at providing necessary instructions, information, and other data for easier selection of the best running shoes for forefoot strikers. All of shoes will work for you just make sure you pick the right fitting shoes.

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