10 Best Running Shoes for Pavement [ Reviews & Top Picks ]

Best Running Shoes For Pavement

Running is such an impeccable experience and quite a relaxing one. However, this experience is no longer thrilling unless you have worn running shoes. Whether you are running on the road or pavement, you need these shoes to ease and relax your movement.

Best running shoes for pavement are customized to have their users run along pavements with great comfortability. Unlike walking shoes, pavement shoes are more cushioned around the heel and front part of the shoe to release any pressure inside the shoe and avoid causing feet blisters to runners when the running is intense.

Benefits of Wearing Shoes for Pavement Running

Shoes for pavement do not just partner you in your running sessions, but they help you catch all the good moments of the run. These shoes give you the stability and the motion control you need to keep your feet on the pavement and to move.

Running can be frustrating, especially if it’s your shoes failing you with enormous trails, but this is never the case with running pavement shoes because they come with just the right traction to give easy grip. These shoes also support the user’s foot arch, which is fundamental to maintain running.

Reviews: 10 Best Running Shoes For Pavement 2021

NameMade ofSolePrice
ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Brooks Mens Launch 6 Running ShoeMeshRubberCheck Price
Nike Mens Air Max Torch 4 Running SneakerSyntheticSyntheticCheck Price
ALTRA Women's Torin 4 Plush Road Running ShoeKnitRubberCheck Price
HOKA ONE ONE Womens Cavu Running ShoesMeshRubberCheck Price
New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Roav V1 SneakerMeshRubberCheck Price
adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running ShoeTextileRubberCheck Price

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

This is a shoe from one of the proficient footwear producing corporations, Asics. The Gel-Venture 6 has won its place best shoes used for pavement running. The shoe ensures that you comfortably take a trail in your every stride.

Gel-Venture 6 has a cushioned insole and a supportive collar ankle that padded for extra cushioning. What is more fascinating about this shoe is its removable sock liner that allows the user to do medical orthotics.

The shock your feet might experience while running is taken care of by the Gel cushioning. The shoelaces are also easy to fasten.


  • The insole cushioned for comfortability
  • Upper mesh boosts breathability
  • The rear foot has a Gel cushioning that absorbs shock
  • Synthetic constructing material enhances durability
  • The rubber sole offers traction


  • Arched insole might soften with time
  • Mesh material frays with time

2. Brooks Men’s Launch 6 Running Shoe

Brooks Men's Launch 6

Launch 4 Anthracite is a running and best shoes for walking on the pavement from the Brooks brand. This shoe is lightweight that gives runners swift movement and all the less sluggish strides they need to move fast.

The shoe’s upper has a strategic stretch for a good fit and the best feel. It is designed with a soft fabric lining that offers comfort and soft touch like no other.

The disparate mid-sole of the Launch 4 shoe, besides its flexibility, has environment-friendly materials that break down much quicker as opposed to some other mid-soles. A runner’s heel to toes transitions should be quick, and this shoe has a mid-foot zone and a crash pad that works in tandem to achieve the transitions.


  • The multi-colors compliment any upper wear
  • It is lightweight which enhances swift strides
  • The upper has mesh for breathability
  • A flexible midsole for great transitions
  • The shoe cushioned for comfortability


  • Traction might lessen with time

3. Nike Air Max Torch 4 Running Sneaker

Nike Mens Air Max Torch 4 Running Shoe...

Nike Air Max Torch 4 is a men’s running shoe designed and produced by Nike brands. Air Max Torch 4 is such an impression, and it’s well thought out features put it on the front line of best pavement running shoes.

Nike Air Max Torch 4 is good looking and has Nike’s signature just where you would want it to be. The construction material is durable and incorporates a breathable upper meshwork for aeration. The shoe heavily cushioned to improve cushioning, and its TPU overlays give expected to support that ensures a secure fit.


  • Breathable upper mesh work
  • Superior traction for grip
  • The compressible rear foot part absorbs heel weight
  • Attractively placed Nike signature
  • The constructing material is durable


  • The shoe is expensive
  • Gets your feet wet in rain

4. ALTRA Women’s Torin 4 Plush Road Trail Running Shoe

ALTRA Women's Torin 4 Plush (8.5) Blue/Green

Torin 4 Plush is another best running shoes for pavement for women produced by Altra. This shoe delivers a top luxurious yet most plush ride that leaves you wanting to hit the road again. There has a praised comfort from balanced cushioning.

The shoe’s zero-drop platform gets someone’s heel and forefoot and a level distance from the surface hence promoting low impact events during running. Knit mesh upper delivers amazing ventilation. The shoe, additionally, has a toe box that allows users’ toes to relax and spread comfortably.


  • Collar pull tabs give a soft upper foot-touch upon lacing
  • The fabric lining is breathable enough
  • Lace-up closure for fast on/off
  • Out-sole technology maps tendons for natural bends
  • Sporting responsive mid-sole


  • Toe box might spread and run big
  • Might not favor low arches

5. Skechers Afterburn Memory-Foam Trail Running Sneaker

Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

This Afterburn Memory-Foam is the best sneakers for running on the pavement made by the Skechers brand. It’s a good choice for pavement running because of its athletic design and maximum comfort features.

Among these features is the lace-up closure that guarantees a secure fit. This round toe is reinforced at the bumper for safety against injuries during running.

This sneaker features a heel collar that padded and a tongue with a soft lining for increased comfort. The sneaker strategically bears the Sketchers signature at the sneaker’s tongue, side- upper, and heel counter. This sneaker also has durable synthetic leather on its upper construction, which helps you keep it under use for a prolonged time.


  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • The outsole rubber provides grip
  • Inner sole cushioned for comfortability
  • The upper fabric is breathable
  • Durable leather construction


  • This sneaker is expensive
  • It is so compact

6. HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Cavu Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Cavu Black/Bluebird Running Shoe 9...

The Cavu HOKA ONE ONE Running Sneaker is a women’s shoe from the Hoka one French company that designs, manufactures, and markets standard quality shoes for running.

This shoe, unlike other similar ones from other footwear makers, has unrivaled cushioning that allows for more pressure handling during running habit creation and normal advanced athletic running.

This running shoe has a ProFly mid-sole that makes this shoe lightweight thus can be used for long pavements runs. The lightweight shoe is also enhanced by the all-around mesh network of the shoe.

The tongue of the shoe lined with soft material for comfort, and the shoe also has great arch support. Their outer rubber sole gives a firm grip on the ground for super stability.


  • The lightweight allows for swift running
  • Cushioning provides a snappy feeling
  • The breathable upper enhances ventilation
  • The sole has great traction
  • Soft lining for comfort


  • It has a metal eyelet
  • It is suited for short pavement running


7. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker, Navy/Dark...

This sneaker is not just a morning or evening pavement running shoe but also one that is a perfect wear for daily dress-up. This sneaker is a quality enthusiast from the renowned footwear company, New Balance.

They are lightweight and quite flexible for assorted running activities. They come with a mid-sole, which is foam fresh and lightweight.

The shoe has a lovable traditional lacing up closure system that eases the shoe put on and a padded tongue and shoe collar for comfort. The bottom rear construction also enhances comfortability to the user. This shoe also has effective full leg support from the raised rear shaft.


  • The insole is removable which eases maintenance
  • Upper is a mesh construction for breathability
  • Traction is guaranteed by the runner out-sole
  • The lightweight promotes long runs
  • Easy on/off sliding


  • The mesh upper is not durable
  • Loses traction with time

8. Under Armour Women’s Charged Impulse Running Shoe

Under Armour Women's Charged Impulse Running Shoe,Halo...

These sneakers built to specially provide a charged impulse to runners to give them fast strides. The shoe is an impressive lightweight sneaker that is suited even for long pavement runs and with much ease.

Under Armour Charged Impulse Running Sneaker has a proficiently engineered upper with a mesh design that ensures sufficient feet breathability. The shoe also provides arch support to the pavement runners, thus guaranteeing their running stability. This shoe has a traditional lacing-up closure system.


  • Removable sock liner for easy maintenance and washing.
  • The tongue is padded lightly for comfortability
  • The bottom rear construction allows for a tight, secure fit
  • Charged cushioning for a flexible and cushioned run
  • Reliable out-sole rubber grip ensures traction


  • It is relatively flatter
  • The mesh upper gets torn

9. Saucony Men’s Versafoam Excursion TR13 Road Running Shoes

Saucony Men's Versafoam Excursion TR13 Trail Running...

The Versafoam Cushioning Tr13 is a terrain running monster shoe from the legendary Saucony brand. Nevertheless, this shoe is a perfect match trail shoe for running on pavement because of its versatile application and safe ride that it tags along. This shoe provides an enormous Versafoam excursion cushioning that ensures the feet remain unhurt.

Saucony TR13 out-sole is a premium carbon rubber that enhances the durability of the shoe, which translates to sustained running sessions. The out-sole also offers improved traction on the road or pavements. The shoe also has lugs that are shaped in triangular and which bring forth a rock footing grip in case you feel like getting off the pavements.


  • Versafoam design delivers a cushioned midsole
  • The construction material is super durable
  • Attractive design complements any wear
  • The shoe provides arch support
  • Pull up tabs for effortless on/off sliding


  • It is expensive
  • It is relatively heavy

10. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

adidas Performance Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe,...

The Cloudfoam Adidas Running Shoe For Women delivers a running performance like no other and a comfortable pavement run. This running sneaker is made by the quality renowned Adidas footwear brand. This sneaker comes with a maximized lightweight from the construction material and precise feet support.

This shoe has a disparate iridescent propulsion tread that boosts the speedy strides and increases stability through the proper grip in a run. This is another shoe whose transition is kept at awesome coordination; the transition is optimized by the torsion system offering mid-foot support.

The Cloudfoam Adidas has an all-round mesh design construction material that maximizes the breathability of the shoe.


  • Stretchy out-sole adapts to the foot strikes
  • Maximized breathability
  • The lightweight allows for comfortable strides
  • Fit heel construction supports tendons
  • Rails provide traction


  • The rails wear out with increased usage
  • Best suited for long runs

How to Make Running a Habit

To make maximum gain from running and to upscale the fun you are supposed to get from your shoes, you have to develop a running interest and make efforts to turn it into a habit. Trust me, it is simple and takes less time to make running a habit.

Just make a plan of the time when to run, select your pavement route, make a music playlist, and choose a reward you will treat yourself with when you complete your run.

Keep in mind that the reward you chose should be something you enjoy doing, such as massage, snack, or shower. Importantly, it also builds a running support system, such as running in the company of friends.

How to Choose the Right Running Shoes for Pavement

Pavement runners, especially starters, might end up getting the wrong shoes, such as those used for off-road work with deep trails or those used for just walking and lack the cushioning needed for running.

Running shoes for pavement should comfortably wrap around the foot and should not bruise your foot; thus, the foot is supposed to be at the center of the shoe platform.

A bit heavy shoes are a good choice for natural runners intending to lose weight; such shoes heavily cushioned. About the shoe size, ensure a thump width to accommodate your feet in case they expand during running.

What to Look for in Running Shoes for Asphalt


It’s obvious that in any other running, feet become sweaty as well as may get wet if it is raining. Therefore, there is a need to buy shoes that are breathable enough to let sufficient air to get in the shoes and circulate to dry the sweaty or wet feet.


Running on pavements, just like any other running, needs a grip on the ground to help the running from slipping off the pavement floor. Running shoes should have the right outer sole tread to enhance traction on the ground.

Closure system

Running is an exercise that, if mixed up with the wrong shoe closing-up system, will get boring because you will end up with shoes that take you the better part of your time getting them closed. Worse, is when you buy a pair that you can’t lace or strap tight enough to keep the shoe from sliding while running.


The distance of your pavement running should match up with the weight of your shoe if you want to make every bit of your foot rides enjoyable. Mostly, the long-distance pavement runs call for light-weight shoes to avoid fatigue. Conversely, short distance runs can do well with a few heavy shoes.

However, if your run is intended to lose weight, you can consider relatively heavy shoes even for long runs. Consider also the arch support you need to get from your shoes because those that have none will get you tired easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Brand Shoes Are Best for Asphalt?

The brand shoes that are best for pavement are those that: allow the user to enjoy breathability, size up to accommodate your relatively expanding feet when running, and offer you the traction you need to keep your running pace stable and your strides flexible.

Should I Have 2 Pairs of Running Shoes?

The more you run, or rather, the greater the distance you cover during your running sessions, the faster your shoes will wear out. Having two or even more pairs of shoes will get you covered.

However, shoes also vary in durability even at the same rate of usage. Therefore, you can buy a pair of running shoes, but these have to be the durable type.

Is It Bad to Wear the Same Shoe every day?

Running shoes should be changed often, but you might not afford to paint your rack with several shoes. Wearing different pairs ensures you remain comfortable and with your feet clean. For just a day, being in the same pair of shoes, especially breathable ones, does not do much harm.

Do Expensive Shoes Last Longer?

Expensive shoes do not necessarily last longer because the cost of a shoe depends on many other factors that do not add directly to durability. A shoe can have sophisticated trails that make it expensive, but at the same time, have a weak constructing upper that wears out quickly.

What Are the Best Road Running Shoes?

We already reviewed some best outdoor shoes. Here you can also check Gel-Venture 6, Brooks Launch 4 Anthracite, air zoom pegasus, Altra Torin 4 trail running shoes, etc.

Can You Wear Trail Running Shoes on Roads?

heel to toe, toe box, shock absorption, trail running shoes

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Asphalt

Nike air zoom pegasus, toe-off, trail running shoes


Running around the pavements, as you might have seen it on the streets, is fascinating, but it is tiresome when you miss on the right shoes to run in. Best running shoes for pavement are an integral part of enjoyable pavement running, whether you are doing it for fun, athletic, or weight-losing. Right shoes, great run.

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