10 Best Shoes for Dental Assistants [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Best Shoes for Dental Assistants

The best shoes for dental assistants must have some ideal features that can help to work effectively and safely. The shoes need to be breathable as ventilation should be top. Cushioning in the inside is something worth mentioning. The reason for emphasizing all this quality is that the dentist usually spends most of the time standing and walking first to as the work routine does not allow them to sit and rest more time.

Both female and male dental specialist needs shoes with specific modification to meet their expectations. If you work in the dental sector than you must need specific shoes that are super comfortable to wear.

Why You Need the Best Dental Assistant’s Shoes

It is true to say the dentist needs only the best shoes because of the nature of their jobs. They take a lot of steps a day, which means they would need shoes that are as light as possible, so they do non suffer fatigue after the daily chores. Moreover, the shoes for dental specialists must have good cushioning in the inside from the toe to the back of the ankle to protect them from abrasion, which can interfere with their comfort making them lose concentration.

Dentist shoes should allow proper air circulation, so they don’t have a bad smell or lead to bacterial infections. Dental hygiene shoes must not harm users’ health or compromise their safety. Shoes must have proper traction or ant slippage, so they don’t make them fall while in the line of duty.

How to Choose the Right Shoe for the Dental Assistants

The first step in choosing the dental assistants shoe is going for suitable shoes. So to land a nice pair, you can consult a fellow dentist he or she can recommend the best. Some people prefer trainers, while others want boots.

The best shoes for dental assistants should be roomy enough to allow free movement of foot because so tight can cause blisters. Something else is that colour is something else to consider as dentists don’t use all colours but two solid colours, which are black or white.

Features of a Good Shoe for Dental Assistants

So, what are features you should look for in a dental assistant shoe? Some features are necessary and cannot be ignored, no matter what. Firstly breathability is something you must consider. The shoes need to offer proper support and comfort through being well-cushioned on the insole.

Similarly, shoes that do not have traction are unlikely to help you work comfortably because they will be slippery, something that threatens your stability or safety. Good shoes for dental assistant should be lightweight because they walk, run, and stand too long.

Reviews: Top 10 Best Shoes for Dental Assistants 2020

NameMade ofSolePrice
Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional ShoeLeatherRubberCheck Price
Crocs Men's and Women's Specialist II Clog | Work Shoes, Nurse Shoes, Chef ShoesSyntheticSyntheticCheck Price
Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Slip-On Walking ShoeFabricFabricCheck Price
Alegria Men's Chairman Clogs ShoesLeatherSyntheticCheck Price
Dansko Women's XP 2.0 ClogsLeatherSyntheticCheck Price
Cherokee Men's Jackson Work ShoeLeatherRubberCheck Price
Nurse Mates Women's Dove OxfordLeatherSyntheticCheck Price
Easy Works Women's Bind Health Care Professional ShoeLeatherSyntheticCheck Price
Sticky Pro Shoes - Women's Cute Nursing Shoes - Waterproof Slip-ResistantSyntheticSyntheticCheck Price
Sanita Women's Professional Oil Closed Leather ClogLeatherSyntheticCheck Price

1. Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoe

These shoes from nurse mates brand offer the comfort required to help nurses do their work without much worries or disruptions. They imitate slip-on sneakers, but good enough; they have corrective orthotic features to offer good support to the dental experts. The design will make you love them. The nurse mates velocity footwear has soft leather on the upper that is breathable enough.

These shoes are easy to wear, and with laces to adjust the tightness, they have dua density footbed, something that makes them strong shock absorber. Also, they are lightweight and durable due to the 100% leather upper.

  • Comfortable and light in weight design
  • Seller includes spare lace set
  • There are various elegant colours and designs
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • They have slip resistance capability
  • Not ideal for flatfooted users
  • They are too closed to allow sufficient airflow
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2. Crocs Specialist II Clog Work Shoes for Nurse

Initially, crocs were not common because some people felt like they were not safe. But no, these shoes are ok to use. They are very thick and closed around the metatarsal area so to ensure the user fully protected from any sharp objects. These made of the same material from the outsole to the upper but open on the backside, which makes them entirely breathable and ensuring that there is no pressure on the ankle that may cause bruises.

They are comfortable and non-slip clogs that you can wear and feel the support. Besides being stable, what makes these unisex crocs excellent foot comfort is that they have sufficient traction, offers foot massage in that they press in and out while wearing. No time wasting as they are easy to wear due to slip n technology.

  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Offers sufficient support to the user
  • Lightweight hence protects from fatigue
  • Comfortable due to proper cushions
  • Perfectly breathable to prevent bad smell
  • Offer low arch support
  • Ground grip not strong
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3. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

Sketcher performance women’s walking shoes are quality shoes with outstanding addition to the life of a user. These best shoes for dental hygienist not only gives you comfort, but they will make you feel stable at all times in your workplace. Their outsole material makes them hold the ground firmly; hence you have no reason to fear you might fall while walking at whatever pace.

Sketchers brand users naturally aesthetic colours in designing women’s footwear; they know women love beautiful and unique looks. Hence their drive-in designing them with colour variety for more choosing options. These walking shoes for women feature a slip-on comfort style for easy wearing.

  • Are lightweight to use
  • have sufficient cushioning for comfort
  • You can add orthopaedic inserts
  • Well ventilated, hence breathable
  • There are a colour variety of options
  • Not good for running
  • Runs smaller sizes than expected
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4. Alegria Men’s Chairman Clogs Shoes

If comfort is your main aim in the shoes you are looking for, then these clogs designs are the best for you. Alegria men’s footwear has been around the world markets online and local markets. The brand always takes quality seriously when manufacturing these shoes. This durable clog comes in three distinct colours; brown, white, and black.

The shoes are open in the back, which ensures perfect breathability. Moreover, they feature removable memory foam sole and cork to enhance support. Alegria charman comes with rocker style to ensure they absorb shock while allowing your feet to breathe free.

  • 100% quality leather material
  • Cleaning and sanitizing is easy
  • Easy to wear and remove through slip off and on
  • Great shock absorber hence safe
  • Sufficiently cushioned for comfort
  • Only three colours available
  • They are a bit pricey
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5. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs Dentist Shoes

Dansko is a very famous brand that has to withstand all turbulent and competitions on the market and what has made it come out a win all the time is that no matter what, they will never compromise their quality. These shoes are designed explicitly for dental assistance. Therefore the designer minded quality that is safer for the user knowing that the users’ lifestyle while in the workplace will include hours of standing and walking from place to another.

They further feature slip resistance slip-on design to protect the user from possible slipping and falling. The fees protected in all sides, and the footbed has shock absorption capability and ant fatigue to make sure the user has nothing to worry about that.

  • Features a variety of colours
  • They are roomy for smooth movement
  • These clogs are lightweight
  • Good and comfortable even for standing for a long time
  • Slip-on hence easy to wear
  • High priced as compared to other models
  • Some say they look bulky
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6. Cherokee Men’s Jackson Work Shoe

Could you be looking for ideal dental assistant shoes? Cherokee Jackson men’s boot has your back; they have been unwavering in adding value to men’s shoe industry. These shoes made of 100% full-grain leather are durable and spill-resistant to work without holding stains that will be a problem when cleaning.

They have a powerful outsole that has sufficient traction to keep the user safe from any accident resulting from slip and fall. They have a mesh lining on the inside that allows smooth airflow hence keeping the user’s foot always dry and comfortable.they are comfortable even when wearing for long hours. Cushioning on the inside ensures that the user protected from bruises as a result of excess pressure.

  • Quality durable leather design
  • Mesh lining for smooth airflow
  • Cushioned to enhance comfort
  • Anti-slip sole
  • They are lightweight
  • Comes in only two colours
  • Not easy to wear
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7. Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford

Mates’s brand is never a low-quality product producer; they never disappoint. The creation of nurse mates shoe design for women has brought a great impact on the health sector. These shoes come featuring a rubber sole that makes them both durable and protecting the user from falling. The reason for emphasizing slip resistance shoes for a dental specialist is because their place of work includes slick floors all through; therefore, there is a need to use protective measures.

They are not hard to clean because they made ant-stain. If you want to have good pairs that will ensure you are comfortable all through, go for this fit and comfortable shoes.

  • They have stain resistivity hence no need to wash often
  • Rubber outsole prevents falling
  • You can wear the whole day without experiencing fatigue.
  • Offers ideal arch support
  • Their durability is excellent
  • They are not true to their sizes
  • Available in three colours only blue, white and brow
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8. Easy Works Women’s Bind Health Care Professional Shoe

This ideal pair from easy works brands manufactured with the quality dental hygienists would love. The shoes made from 100% leather; hence durability is guaranteed. And part from featuring premium leather and elastic gore on the upper, they have synthetic outsole.

They are relaxed fit shoes that once you wear, you experience absolute comfort from toe to your ankle. The footbed is also comfy with shock-absorbing capability. When wearing these shoes, you can be sure to experience unlimited arch support and slippage safety.

  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Offers arch support to the user
  • They are slip resistance
  • Features upper elastic gore
  • Have slip-on feature
  • No varied designs and only three colours options
  • Some users say they are not sufficiently breathable
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9. Sticky Pro Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes

Are you looking for a quality shoe for you or as a gift to your friend? Well, all you need in a women’s shoe covered on this ideal shoe. The sticky Shoe brand is known globally to produce cool and supportive shoes for nurses and women dental experts. These shoes made of rubber on the outsole. The traction gears ensure the safety of the user by protecting her from possible falling.

These shoes with thermoplastic material are a good addition to once’s life. Health care professionals experience unlimited comfort when wearing them. Something great is that the shoes are water-resistant on the outsole; hence there is nothing to worry about even when walking through wet surfaces.

  • Shoes have smooth synthetic rubber soles
  • Brand retail with three months warrant
  • The footbed features absorbent material to keep the user dry and fit
  • Are always true to size
  • Their outsole is water-resistant
  • They are not long-lasting enough
  • Not formal to use in official events
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10. Sanita Women’s Professional Oil Closed Leather Clog

Sanita, a brand from Poland, is known in the health industry for being true to quality in designing ideal clogs. This Sanita Oil Closed Clog for women is a favourite to many nurses in the dental health sector for various reasons. This super women’s shoe built with antimicrobial cushioning foam ensures that that the user is protected well from any possible fungal diseases.

They are designed with spaces to allow air circulation. The outsole is made with excellent traction capability to protect the user from falling when walking on the wet surfaces. Their heal made moderately to offer good protection against back pain or ankle pain as a result of imbalance on foot.

  • You can wear and not feel tired due to their low weight
  • Comfortable and offers arch support
  • They protect the user from falling
  • Feature smooth leather on the upper hence durable
  • They are easy to wear and remover
  • Users complain of their sizes no true
  • Comes in limited styles and colour options
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What to Look for in Shoes For Dental Assistants

When you decide that all you want is shoes best for dental assistants, the next step is writing down steps to follow to land ideal footwear


Firstly, consider the quality of the material. When buying, analyze various shoes that offer the quality of the shoes you want . qualities to mind is like cushioning, lightweight, breathability, and tractions. Those qualities are very vital to keep in mind when buying your best shoes for dental assistants. Also, the quality goes hand in hand with the material, wear you may consider whether you want shoes with genuine leather or synthetic leather on the upper.


The brand is another thing you should consider, invest in brands that are known to produce quality without compromising. Brands matter because some are not true to the quality in the description or sizes. Go for a brand whose shoes are warranted so that in case you are not satisfied or there was a deformation during the transit, you can return for a replacement.

Quality and Price

Lastly and not the least, don’t break your bank for quality you can get at affordable prices. Some brands have created a famous brand name, yet that does not mean that there is no other brand that can produce the same or better quality. The old and famous brand may sell at a costly price tag; it is, therefore, vital to buy shoes that you can afford. Read reviews on the company’s blog or website to know what users say about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions help the buyer to know more about the shoes they are investing in.

What Do Dental Assistants Wear?

Dental assistants wear clothes and shoes that are specific to their jobs. Their scrub uniforms must be in line with their duties. They offer a variety of care services to the patient, office, laboratory task, and are on the toe to help the dentist stay comfortable as examines patient. So they need to wear clog and crocs fit shoes for comfort as they work.

Which Are the Most Comfortable Shoes for Dental Assistants?

This is a critical question; if you prefer the shoes that are easy to wear, then crocs are the best for you because they have slip-on features, unlike clogs that need to keep tying the shoelaces. However, some nurses prefer sneakers because they are a lightweight design, and they feel clogs look bulky. Therefore it necessary to go for your preference either, clogs crocs or sneakers.

How Do I Find My Size?

To find your shoe size, you need to consider buying shoes that are true to size then buy. Also, you can go to the shoe designers’ shop to help you measure your perfect design when you know the shoe size you can wear.

How Do I Take Good Care of My Dental Assistant’s Clogs?

Taking care of your shoes just requires you to keep them clean after use. Remover the insoles if removable when washing the dumb cloth wiper. Do not keep washing with water direct as some leather weather synthetic on genuine is not good with direct water. Then keep them dry all the time. And they will surely give you a long service.

What Shoes Do Dental Assistants Wear?

As per our deep research, we found most of the dental assistant like to wear clogs. Alegria Men’s Chairman Clogs and Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 clogs are popular among them.


If you are a dental assistant, then you may understand you need to work on your career without having discomfort on your feet. You can as well suggest these best shoes for dental assistants to your friends. Comfortability is paramount, and that is why this list o carefully picked shoes is a million-dollar worthy to you!

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