10 Best Shoes for Longboarding

best shoes for longboarding

Before buying the best shoes for longboarding you have to be clear why you need a pair of Longboarding Shoes. Do you need Longboarding Shoes for regular use or irregular use? If you ride very often then you should pick Vans Low Sneakers that is the Boss for heavy use and additional support.

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We all understand that longboarding features different types of feet positioning. It involves more steady foot positioning and demands more effort to move with the boards. Therefore, it is essential to check on shoes since there are several vital factors it determines in longboarding. Besides, there are various critical crossover points between longboard shoes and regular shoe.

For that reason, it is essential to confirm all elements so that you can buy appropriate longboard shoes. In this post, we provide a guide on the best shoes for longboarding. Furthermore, we discuss key factors to check on when selecting a shoe for longboarding.

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What Are Longboard Shoes?

Longboard shoes refer to the type of shoe that suits explicitly longboarding activities. The manufacturer and designer of such sports shoes often design the shoe to suit that type of sports. Good shoes for longboarding feature different shapes. They come with four significant features, which include a superior connection to the ground, a subtle traction pattern, flat sole, and a compact design.

The combination of these features is what gives the shoe a proper grip and control one requires for quick braking and long downhill rides. The longboard shoes we compile in this post adhere to related certifications and regulations. You can give them a try!

Why Is It Important to Choose the Best Longboard Shoes?

Most longboarding sports lovers prefer minimalist shoes since they provide a superior connection to the longboard and the pavement too. Others seek for protection and support. All in all, the benefits of different longboard shoes are debatable.

The benefits vary in regards to canvas uppers or suede uppers, polythene soles or vulcanized rubbers soles, extra padding or minimal construction, and high top or low profile. The best part of it all is that there are various shoe options one can choose to meet their expectations. Picking one product among the best shoes for longboarding options we discuss in this post attracts different importance.

Advantages of Best Longboard Shoes

The benefits you get from choosing the best longboard shoes are numerous. Besides, different people have different preferences and likes. Some people will choose suede uppers over canvas uppers. Others will prefer polythene soles to vulcanized rubbers soles. Generally, choices are different. Someone’s option enables them to acquire the type of shoes that they love.

Some guys would prefer to choose low profile longboard shoes over the high top longboard shoes. Others would prefer longboard shoes with minimal construction to shoes with extra padding. Generally speaking, the best shoe for longboarding comes with different features that attract various advantages.

10 Best Shoes for Longboarding 2020

NameMade ofSolePrice
VenusCelia Pro Women's Perforated Skate ShoeTextileRubberCheck Price
Etnies Women's Callicut W's Skate ShoeLeatherRubberCheck Price
Vans Men's Low-top TrainersCanvasWaffleCheck Price
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2019 Seasonal Color Low Top SneakerCottonRubberCheck Price
DC Women's Chelsea Tx Skate ShoeCottonRubberCheck Price
DC Men's Pure Skate ShoeLeatherRubberCheck Price
DC Men's Court Graffik Skate ShoeLeatherRubberCheck Price
adidas Originals Men's Seeley SneakerSynthetics & TextileRubberCheck Price
Van AuthenticCanvasRubberCheck Price
Globe Fusion Skate ShoeLeather and SyntheticSyntheticCheck Price

1. Venus Celia Pro Women’s – Best Longboard Shoes

This shoe specifically cooperates with various women walking styles. It features a smooth cover and comes with fixed arches. Generally speaking, there are five reasons for choosing shoe. It is wear-resisting, comfortable, exquisite, convenient, and breathable.

The shoe is an ideal option to get one ready for longboarding since it features the ease to slip off and slip-on. The shoe offers freshness and enjoyment on the feet. At the same time, it helps to maintain sturdiness and comfort. It can be an alternative option for lace-up boots in warm weather since they offer more significant support. These shoes are most suitable for workout, tennis, sports, casual, exercise, and athletic occasions.

They feature a padded insole that allows for extra comfort when longboarding. Above all, it is a vintage type of low longboard shoes featuring a platform measure of about 75 inches. The shoe features complete rubber, which makes them durable.


  • Has padded insole to boost comfort during longboarding
  • Features a classic design for breathability
  • Lightweight to improve performance and mobility
  • Fixed arches and a smoother cover to promote comfort
  • Compatible with all longboarding activities


  • They are clucky and too small for larger feet
  • The color fades away quickly after several washes

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2. Etnies Women’s Callicut W’s – Best Skate Shoes

This shoe is a product of the Etnies collection. It comes with a series of ionic styles that the company offers in regards to longboarding. The shoe features a mid-puff silhouette that comes with plenty of padding, but it stays true to the classics.

Besides, it has a deep multi-directional flex that grooves on its forefoot tread together with the classic double stitching on the sidewall of the outsole to serve the purpose of durability. The shoe also features a terry visa lining, which improves comfort.  Its sole features rubber to promote durability.

The shaft of the shoe measures averagely low-top from the arch. It has a midsole egg-crate type of construction together with the mid-puff silhouette that comes with a padded collar & tongue. The shoe comes with foam light one insole, deep multi-directional flex grooves, and classic double stitching to serve the purpose of durability.


  • Features an iconic style to match fashion
  • Classic plenty of padding to promote support
  • Durable since its design is adorable
  • Terry visa lining helps to improve comfort
  • Suitable for trainers since they are comfortable


  • Smaller than the usual shoe
  • Features little bit less cushioning

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3. Vans Low Top Sneakers – Best Longboarding Shoes

Vans Low top Sneakers is durable shoes with a powerful padded footbed that provides great comfort every time you use it.

This longboard shoe features canvas, which is durable and more comfortable to clean. It is an authentic product by VANS Company. Therefore, it comes with all the beneficial designs that the company is best at implementing when it comes to longboard shoes.

Besides, it is a unisex design shoe featuring D (M) for men and B (M) for women to allow both genders to take part in sports. It features an ideal shoelace ring that enables it to provide support, fashion, and also last longer. The design of the shoe promotes comfort, hence, making it a popular option for running board shoes since it protects you from getting blisters.


  • Perfect shoelace rings for durability and fashion.
  • Cute, durable and stylish
  • Features original colour to match your dress code
  • Canvas is easy to clean with a cloth


  • The colour may fade away after huge use

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4. Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor – Best Shoes for Skate

This product entails a pair of all-star and low top sneakers that can be a suitable option for longboard shoes. The shoe features an optical white color most times. They are ideal for women (9.5) and men (7.5). Generally speaking, this shoe type features the classic converse style and comes with the shaft measures of about two inches from the arch.

The shoe features a rubber shoe sole and a canvas upper part to allow easy cleaning and also promote durability. All in all, the shoe comes with top support and comforts, which is why they are a prudent option when it comes to the best shoes for longboarding.


  • Runs up to half better than regular shoes
  • Fits well like a glove to the hand
  • Features a vibrant color
  • Comes with the original color
  • True to comfy for wide feet


  • Too big for people with smaller feet
  • No observable variation to serve the unisex purpose

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5. DC Women’s Chelsea Tx – Most Comfortable Skate Shoes

This shoe entails shoe with unique features such as the vent holes to help improve breathability. It features unique designs that mostly suit women, but some can apply for men. Also, it features an array of colors to enable you to match your fashion and style.

It comes with a rubber and textile sole together with the rubber outsole to help promote the durability level. It comes with vulcanized construction, and its shaft measures are almost not applicable from the arch. They have a higher performance in terms of comfort and support. Thus, they are an excellent option for longboard shoes.


  • Vent holes to improve breathability.
  • They fit since they are available in all shapes
  • Features an array of adorable colors to match the style
  • Comfy and stylish to suit longboarding
  • They are good-looking and beautiful


  • The color fades away easily
  • Challenging to clean

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6. DC Shoes Pure – Longboarding Shoes for Guys

The DC men shoe is a popular longboard shoe option. It features an array of great colors and features design that can protect the user during longboarding. The shoe majors on the fusion between art and longboarding shoe design, resulting in the leading shoe. It can deliver uncompromising durability, comfort, and eye-catching fashion.

The shoe is a better shoe option for technical and everyday longboarding. It features 100% leather and comes with a rubber shoe sole. The shoe has a mesh lining and a pill pattern tread. It features an abrasion-resistant and sticky rubber outsole to serve longer. Above all, it features wrap cup construction, color for support and comfort, and padded foam tongue.


  • Offers an array of adorable colors
  • Delivers uncompromising comfort and durability
  • It comes with an eye-catching fashion
  • Ideal for everyday and technical applications
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole


  • May run small

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7. DC Men Court Graffik – Longboarding Shoes

It comes with a series of special features, which include a collar for support & comfort and a padded foam tongue. The level of sympathy and support that the collar of the shoe contributes is what precisely makes it a popular longboard shoe option.

It has a lightweight mesh tongue to allow the sportsperson to cover a long distance before they get tired. Also, it features vent holes to improve breathability, cup construction, and durable rubber shoe sole. It features pure leather, which is easier to clean by wiping it with a cloth and water. Above all, easy cleaning makes it a better option for regular longboarding.


  • Easy to clean using a wipe cloth
  • Has a collar for support and comfort
  • Lightweight mesh tongue allows users to attain longer distances
  • Vent holes that improve durability
  • Durable rubber sole


  • The color fades away quickly

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8. Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Longboard Shoes

This longboarding shoe features designs that render them ready-to-ride for flexible longboarding. They come with all Adidas features and designs. The longboard shoe features an abrasion-resistant synthetic suede upper part that enables it to suit daily use. Also, it features a textile lining that keeps the feet comfortable off or on the board to allow regular longboarding.

It comes with a linear Trefoil logo and classic 3-stripes that gives the shoes low-key Adidas style. It is 100% synthetic and features a rubber shoe sole. They also come with a rubber outsole and lace closure. The sports shoe is abrasion-resistant with laid-back style, lace closure, and synthetic suede upper.


  • Comfortable and fits perfect
  • Looks sharp, excellent and stylish
  • Features rubber, which is much durable
  • Abrasion-resistant and durable


  • They cannot last long if you use huge time
  • Not ideal for long distances

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9. Van Authentic – Best Vans Shoes for Skateboarding

These longboard shoes are a low profile type of classic shoe, which is suitable for the people who wish to go for longboarding every day. It comes with the Snug lace-up closure for a proper and custom fit. The shoe also features a low profile that helps to ensure a perfect arrangement in the wardrobe.

Above all, it features pure canvas, which is easy to clean and allows users to save time in case they perform longboarding regularly. If one chooses the right shoe, they offer excellent support and comfort to promote safety during longboarding and also avoid the development of blisters after a long period of sporting.


  • Suitable for daily use since it provides total comfort
  • Low profile and very classic to match your fashion
  • Snug lace-up for a custom fit
  • Small for comfortable arrangement in the wardrobe
  • Pure canvas for durability and easy cleaning


  • The upper fabric is too small for the shoe sole
  • Feature unprofessional stitching

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10. Globe Fusion – Good Shoes for Longboarding

Globe Fusion is a forefront company in technical advances in longboard shoe research and development since the early ’90s.  Most times, their longboard shoe features 100% synthetic and leather. Besides, the leather material allows for easy cleaning and also promotes durability.

Above all, it features a rubber shoe sole, Globe sole pattern, and step in sock liner. It comes with shaft measures of averagely low-top from arch. They can be an excellent option for longboard shoes since they provide top support and comfort as well.


  • Perfect shoelace rings for proper support
  • Cute, durable and stylish to match your fashion
  • Features original color for color match
  • Easy to clean with a cloth since it features pure leather


  • Smaller than regular shoe
  • Features less cushioning hence results in blisters

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What to Look For In Shoes for Longboarding

Safety – The longboarding shoe you pick should be one that provides maximum support and ensures safety. Longboarding involves movement downhill at a fast speed and conditions that may attract risk situation to the sportsperson. Therefore, the shoe you pick should be one that caters to safety.

Durability – In most cases, best shoes for longboarding feature leather, canvas, and rubber. The type of material that the manufacturer uses determines a lot when it comes to durability. Leather is much durable than most other shoe material. Besides, sustainability is a critical factor if the buyer wishes to use the shoe frequently.

Comfort – It is essential to make sure that the shoe you procure fits well. Happiness is a significant factor when it comes to longboarding and most other sports. Besides, the shoe you pick should be light enough to allow you to cover long distances. Shoe comfort goes beyond the fitting of the shoe.

Style – It is always essential to check on how well your shoe choice matches your general outlook. Even if most comfortable longboarding shoes specifically serve the purpose of sport, it does not imply that style and fashion are worthless. There are several fashions, colors, and designs one can apply. Therefore, there must be shoes that suit your expectations.

Value – The value of your money is an important thing to check. In simple words, you should pay for a product that is worth it. In any case, it is essential to compare the price of the shoe you wish to procure with other competitive shoes. Also, make sure the quality of the shoe you buy matches its price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Converse Good for Longboarding?

Converse can be a good option for people with too big feet and a limited supply of their shoes on the market. It is also suitable for users who tend to be somewhat harsh and rough. The good thing is that the shoes are unisex and can suit most weather conditions.

Do You Need Skate Shoes to Longboard?

During the process of longboarding, you require a shoe that can provide maximum comfort, support, and safety. A pair of shoes with features that correctly serves this purpose is thus, very essential. There are various types you can choose from the market. They include slip-on, high-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops. Therefore, there is always some good shoe to suit your needs.

Can I Longboard in Other Shoes?

In a case where you are fond of longboarding, but you do not have the relevant shoe, you may get sure regular sneakers. However, it is essential to note that the sneakers will not provide much comfort and grip to ride well. Procuring the best shoes for longboarding can improve your general performance in the field.

How Long Will My Longboarding Shoes Last?

Generally, the durability of any shoe depends on how often you use it. Longboarding shoes that work frequently can last up to four or five months. The intensity of the skater determines everything. Nevertheless, most longboarding shoes tend to develop holes after about three months of consistent use.


This article guides you in picking the right shoe for longboarding. The best shoes for longboarding must offer the best type of value, style, comfort, durability, and safety. Above all, it should feature a price that is generally affordable and worthy. This post describes the best longboarding shoe that is worthy of giving a short.

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