10 Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Toddler

Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Toddler

Does your kid have pigeon toes? Well, it’s not a blessing, but some infants are born with the condition. Seeing a child’s toes appear to point inwards may raise concern for a parent. Nonetheless, this is a common and painless condition. This situation is known as pediatric in-toeing; it is reasonable for children up to the age of 8 years.you can solve by using the best shoes for pigeon toed toddler.

In as much as this might discomfort your view or your pigeon-toed kid, several brands have brought forth designed and reliable shoes that will help relieve the discomfort and solve the condition.

What Is Pigeon Toes and What Cause Pigeon Toed?

Pigeon toes are an abnormal orientation of the feet in which toes turn in when someone is moved by foot, whether walking or running. In-toeing is another term that refers to this feet orientation. Adults rarely have in-toed, but on the other hand, children are prone to have in-toes as but outgrow the situation before teenage.

Mostly, for children born with in-toes is due to the limited space in the uterus. With such a small space, the fetus grows in a position and alignment that ends in the feet front part twisting inwards. Pigeon toes can also arise as the bones of a toddler develop. Turning of the tibia can also cause pigeon toes. It is also evident that pigeon toes run in some families.

How to Fix Pigeon Toes in Toddlers?

Time is a natural treatment for in-toes. With time, a pigeon-toed heals, and mostly it happens before the kid is even six months, but some might go up to teenage years. To fix the condition, especially if it is a severe or rigid curved foot by nine months, doctors recommend casts or corrective shoes for pigeon toed toddlers.

Surgery is not usually necessary, but in case the situation persists, a pediatrician may recommend a surgical procedure to straighten the bones, causing pigeon toe. Physical therapy can is another remedy for in-toed kids as it helps to straighten the disoriented bones in the toes.

The benefit of Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Toddler?

During the time a child is learning to walk, signals from the soles of their feet touching the ground received continuously. At this moment, shoes protect the child’s feet from injuries, fluctuating high-low temperature, and any other external sensations. To boost the said protection, good shoes for pigeon toed toddler provide excellent arch, controlled gait, and support the heel of the kids.

With these shoes put on, the child walks, runs, jumps, and plays comfortably without legs swinging out. Therefore, the child who gets hold of these shoes can overcome all the complications that arise in pigeon toes, especially with movement.

Best Shoes for Pigeon Toed Toddler

NameMade ofSolePrice
PUMA St Runner V2 SneakerTextile & SyntheticSyntheticCheck Price
SouthBrothers Womens SneakersFabricRubberCheck Price
UOVO Boys Tennis Running Hiking ShoesSyntheticRubberCheck Price
KEEN Kids' Newport H2 Water ShoePolyesterRubberCheck Price
New Balance KV790V6 Infant Running ShoeLeatherRubberCheck Price
Champion Girls' Toddler Strap Gusto Cross TrainerFabricRubberCheck Price
New Balance KJ890 Grade Lace-Up Running ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
ASICS Kids Pre-Contend 4 Ps Running ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz H&l-K SneakerMan MadeSyntheticCheck Price
PUMA Kids' St Runner V2 Mesh SneakerTextile and SyntheticRubberCheck Price

1. PUMA St Runner V2 Sneaker

Puma is a shoe producing brand and a market leader in terms of quality emphasis on its shoes. Shoes by puma have always shown powerful execution at the end of the user. St runner v2 puma is not only in the front line to providing comfort to pigeon-toed toddlers but also gives them a strait feet performance. The curved design of this st runner v2 puma shoe helps the toddler walk and run straight without knocking off toes.

This shoe has a mix of disparate materials on its top part that make it vehemently attractive to pigeon-toed little ones and the ones with straight toes. Since it’s a legendary athletic boot that has inspired the design of this shoe, st runner v2 puma provides athletic and other excellent features that ease and comfort your toddler’s movements.

  • Excellent cushioning that provides comfort
  • Stabilizing heel clip that enhances the overall support
  • Durable rubber outsole improves grip and traction on surfaces
  • Puma form stripe style feature compliments other wears
  • Top breathable plastic material allows air circulation
  • Short laced
  • Faint squeaking noise when walking
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2. SouthBrothers Womens Tennis Athletic Gym Workout Running Shoes

The southbrothers ultra-lightweight non-slip athletic tennis sneaker is suitable for correcting and coping with pigeon toes and has enthusiast preference for its quality. This sneaker is slip-resistant and well made to promote a stable gait. This stability minimizes the risk of falling quickly, and your child can learn to get better at walking with confidence.

The lightweight southbrothers tennis shoe allows the kid to move swiftly and smoothly without unnecessarily dragging feet all over the place. The outsole rubber gives your kid cushioning and anti-twist. Therefore, the kid makes his moves on the floor like any other kid. Uniquely, this sneaker allows for sporting, happy jumping, and running around. Every walk-around puts a smile on the kid’s face.

  • Breathable woven upper keeps feet dry
  • Abrasion-resistant performance
  • Wear-resistant ankle rubber minimizes ankle’s sprains
  • Elastic foam insole enhances comfort
  • Versatility allows use for different contexts
  • Sometimes they fit wide
  • Not sufficiently water-resistant
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3. UOVO Boys Tennis Running Sneakers Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Uovo brand is one of the shoe brands held in high esteem and built in the past decade. The brand deals with quality shoes for boys’ athletics, tennis, running, and hiking. Uovo tennis boys sneakers are one of their Uovo’s top shoe product suitable for wear by with in-toed toddlers.

These sneakers have a breathable and waterproof upper part that provides aeration and keeps feet dry. Undisputed, these best shoes for pigeon toed toddler are skin-friendly due to their soft lining. Comfort is further enhanced by insole that s cushioned to ensure a pro-longed relief to any pressure exerted on or by the feet.

  • Adjustable bungee laces allow on/off sliding
  • Super-durable outsole
  • High traction that gives the shoe a firm grip.
  • A toe cap that is anti-collision to curb unexpected hits
  • Heel that is material reinforced for better support
  • Relatively costly
  • Might give a false impression of heavyweight
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4. KEEN Kids’ Newport H2 Water Shoe

This shoe is a kid’s water wear, which ranks it as one of the shoes for pigeon toed toddler produced by one of the major shoe brands, keen, which is a footwear company based in America. With their tailored features, these shoes draw interest as a corrective shoe for in-toed kids as well as a leisure shoe for any other kid. By look, you can tell that keen Newport h2 unique design springs curiosity among those visiting shoe stores.

This shoe drains water quickly hence keeping kid’s feet dry. The keen Newport h2 water shoe is made with upper, breathable webbed mesh that allows for maximum air circulation in the feet and around toes region.

  • Spectacular colors that attract kids
  • Microbe shield eliminates odour
  • Pull-tab heel ease pulling the shoe on
  • Protective toe bumper to curb toe injuries
  • Adjustable toggle enhances on/off sliding
  • Elongated velcro strap
  • Not fully water-resistant
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5. New Balance KV790V6 Infant Running Shoe

This shoe is a top-quality athletics’ shoe for the infants and toddlers who have inward toes. This shoe is from the new balance brand, which is one of the distinguishable footwear brands that release into the market quality shoe. So, it’s fair enough to state that the new balance brand is one of the best footwear brands handling the best shoes for pigeon toed toddler.

This particular infant shoe type is lightweight and allows kids to move quickly and swiftly with having to drag their feet on the floor. The shoe has a meshed top that maximizes efficient aeration around the feet; thus, your child’s feet remain fresh-smelling for as long as it remains worn by the kid.

  • They have elastic laces so no effortless tying
  • Velcro closure at the top keeps the shoe tight
  • Offers good ankle support
  • Very light thus cannot cause fatigue
  • Strong and durable rubber sole
  • They are not entirely water-resistant
  • Run smaller than other shoes
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6. Champion Girls’ Toddler Strap Gusto Cross Trainer

Champion strap gusto cross trainer shoe is made by champion brands. The Champion internationally ranked manufacturer of sportswear. The champion brand is a subsidiary of Hanesbrands, a company in America that started operating fourteen years down the line. The strap gusto cross-trainer shoe provides support and comfort to in-ward toed kids.

The shoe has a combination of upper, elastic laces, and adhesive velcro strap for a perfect fit. Additionally, this shoe has a padded collar for quick pulling on, has a softened lining for comfy feeling, cushioned insole to handle pressure inside the pump, and a lightweight outsole. It is a shoe of its kind, we all agree.

  • Lightweight stylish and attractive
  • The non-marking outsole leaves no marks on the floor
  • Adhesive strap for the active hold
  • Offers complete and excellent comfortability
  • They are relatively affordable
  • It is not good slip-resistant
  • Not sufficiently water-resistant
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7. New Balance KJ890 Grade Lace-Up Running Shoe

As you are probably aware by now, the new balance brand is one of the top brands that release high-quality and lucrative shoe products. The new balance kj890 grade lace-up running shoe, in particular, has a pool of features that enable your toddler to walk and run effortlessly and with a little bit, tighter hold on the feet.

The shoe is one of the ultimate quality pigeon toed shoes and available for both big kids and little kids. It’s the right choice for both the in-toed and the straight toed toddlers. The shoe has attractive running colors that beautifully complement any other cloth wears. These shoes, with their lace-up closure, enable a tight hold and complete enclosure of a kid’s feet.

  • Lace-up closure prevent dangerous debris from falling inside shoes
  • Heel cushioning ensures comfort
  • Mesh upper allows breathability
  • Padded support collar attachment
  • Colourful running shoe feature
  • Not sufficiently water-resistant
  • Shoelace might cause feet pains if tightened fast
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8. ASICS Kids Pre-Contend 4 Ps Running Shoe

Asics pre-contend 4 ps – kids running shoe is a leading quality proficient shoe that can be considered the best running shoes for pigeon toed runner from asics brand. This brand is a Japanese multinational brand that furnished the market store with praised footwear and sports gears targeted for different use in the world of sport.

Asics pre-contend 4 ps – kids running shoe is a versatile shoe for the young ones. It has comfy cushioning for the softer feeling against the feet, exceptional durability, and diverse, vibrant colours. A hook-and-loop comes in handy for easy on/off sliding while the shaft from the arch downwards gives ample support to the entire back of the foot.

  • Stitched outsole boosts durability
  • Classic triathlon enables the to put the shoe on quickly
  • Removable sock liner to allow for a medical orthotic
  • Gel cushioning system for sustained comfort
  • Meshed shoe upper for breathability
  • Relatively expensive
  • Threads come off the boots with time
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9. Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

The Saucony, a leading American producer of footwear, has been on the frontline in the production of fascinating standard quality shoe products and, over the years, sprung up a liking for its products. Saucony jazz h&l-k – kids’ sneaker is one of their toed shoes for kids. The shoe comes with exciting features, which makes it the ultimate choice for your kid’s footwear. Talk about comfort, support, attraction, and traction, this shoe is top of the game.

With the hook-and-loop easy of closure that Saucony jazz h&l-k – kids’ sneaker comes with, the on and off adjustability becomes effortless. The shoe’s rubber outsole has incredible traction that supports flexibility and a smooth ride without fears of slipping off floors. Fun colours are also part and parcel of this ultimate make.

  • Fits true to size
  • Super stitched upper for durability
  • Easy on/off adjustability
  • Padded tongue ensure comfortability
  • A non-marking outsole that leaves floors unscratched
  • Sometimes goes well with the narrow flat foot
  • The velcro loses its sticking power with time
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10. PUMA Kids’ St Runner V2 Mesh Sneaker hook and loop fastener

The Puma, as earlier mentioned, is one of the recognized shoe brands worldwide and is as an enthusiast when it trickles down to quality in the shoe game. Puma st runner v2 mesh velcro closure – kids’ sneaker, is another one of puma’s best shoes for pigeon toed toddler. The shoe has also, time and again, ended up in the shopping list of most parents with toddlers in their yard.

The velcro strap is a great feature for kids to put on and off all by themselves. The cushioning gives a smooth feeling on the feet that brings comfortability; the material traction provides an assurance your kid will always be on his/her feet. The heel clip, soft arch, and heightened shaft is something you would bet for when it comes to providing support to your kid’s feet.

  • Sturdy rubber outsole provides a firm grip
  • Heel clip guarantees stability
  • Meshed upper for breathability
  • Soft foam for comfortability
  • Hook-and-loop for easy on/off closure
  • Not sufficiently water-resistant
  • Double velcro is challenging for toddlers to pull off
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Buying Guide: Before You Buy Pigeon Toed Toddler Shoes

When you get to the market intending to purchase the best shoes for pigeon toed toddler, consider these;

The curve of the shoe front.

Because toddlers with in-ward toes tend to knock off feet against each other, consider buying a shoe that is suitably curved at the front part, especially around the tip. This feature will ensure that your kid walks and runs around, just like any other toddler with straight feet.


The best shoe for your pigeon-toed kid is not something you will always slip and fall on in the market out there. Therefore, the shoe you purchase should be durable with long-lasting features. Such shoes will help your kid’s feet get comfortable, adapt, and recover quickly.


One thing that sticks out on anyone’s face is that in-toed toddlers will not always have different shoes for their distinguished walks, runs, jump ups, sporting, and relaxing. Therefore, it’s for the utmost good if one gets footwear that is versatile enough to take care of all of a kid’s engagements.


Get a shoe for your kid that, in an awful event, your kid slips or misses some steps and heads for the ground, will help provide strong support to the outer sole and grip to the ground and help your kid not to fall.

Arch support.

A toddler with pigeon toes also requires excellent arch support to provide more grip and firm strength on the ground to avoid instances of losing balance and falling while the kid is in motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoes Are Good for Pigeon Toed?

The best shoes for pigeon toed child are the ones with features that enable your child to learn to walk comfortably, run around, jump, play, sport and do everything a child does while growing. Such shoes should have excellent arch support, a durable designing material, have a soft liner and cushioned for comfort.

What Type of Style Will Work Best for My Child With Intoeing?

Notably, the type of style that works best for a child with in-toeing is the one that allows for the feet to remain aerated, comfortable, and versatile. Such style enables your child to have a liking on the shoe and will not want to pull them off.

Is It Okay to Size up for My Child With Pigeon Toes?

Yes, you can have an experienced physician size up your child’s pigeon toes through bracing, casting or any therapy if the situation did not correct itself earlier at the age of 9 to 10 years.

Will Shoes Show Immediate Improvement in My Child’s Gait?

More often than not, the improvement of a child’s gait to a straight one depends on the extent or rather severity of the toeing inwards. Most children will achieve a straight gait just as soon as they start using corrective shoes, while others might take a little while. In the long run, these shoes will help improve your child’s gait.


Pigeon toes in toddlers usually are not a reason enough to worry about, but it is worthy of taking advantage of measures to speed recovery. Surgery and some other actions only apply at an advanced level of the condition. Best shoes for pigeon toed toddler is the measure that doctors recommend as a natural and corrective measure to speed up recovery from the situation. Get the shoes and watch the child grow like there was nothing in-toed.

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