10 Best Shoes for Severs Disease in 2020 [Reviews & Guide]

Best Shoes For Severs Disease

Are you searching for best shoes for severs disease? I’ve reviewed top of the best shoes in this case, and in this guide, We are going to share about those shoes in detail. Keep reading the whole guide to know about the best one which is effective and choose one for your kid.

What Is Sever’s Disease?

Calcaneal apophysitis, commonly known as sever’s disease, is a disorder that is associated with severe heel pain and attacks children or young teenagers in their adolescent stage.

It is true to say that sever’s disease is an inflammation of the heel plate that induces so much pain that the child cannot withstand when walking hence tries to limp or hop on one healthy leg if not both are paining.

The conditions occur during a child’s growth when body structures are differentiating and increasing, though in some cases can be caused by repetitive stress on the heel area. The disease if not treated early, the discomfort may last for some years.

The Benefit Of Shoes For Sever’s Disease

Finding your kid who suffers sever’s diseasee with the right shoes can be very beneficial and can help him or her heel soonest. Investing in the correct type of footwear can help in the following ways.

Holds shock and paining stress. Ideal shoes that help alleviate heel pain that is as a result of sever’s disorder by acting as a shock absorption equipment. The ability to hold shock prevents stress and pressure that causes pain on the heel.

Protection to the heel. The painful heel area is prevented from being hit by anything unknowing hence allowing enough time to heal gradually.

No foot fatigue whatsoever. These shoes are designed with proper cushioning on the inside, which makes them comfortable wearing even for a longer time without causing fatigue later on.

Reviews: 10 Best Shoes For Severs Disease 2020

NameMade ofSolePrice
UOVO Boys Tennis Running Hiking Athletic ShoesSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Feetmat Kids Sneakers Lightweight Boys Tennis ShoesMeshRubberCheck Price
OOFOS Unisex OOCloog Post Exercise Active Recovery FootwearSyntheticRubberCheck Price
adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Skechers Kids Erupters II-Lava Waves SneakerFabric or TextileRubberCheck Price
HOBIBEAR Kids Sneakers Lightweight Mesh Athletic ShoesMeshRubberCheck Price
Dansko Women's Sophie Flat SandalLeatherSyntheticCheck Price
Memo Malmo Corrective Orthopedic Ankle Support AFO BootLeatherRubberCheck Price

1. UOVO Boys Tennis Running Hiking Athletic Shoes

Yes, UOVO boys sneakers are the best shoes for kid in case of Sever’s disease. The UOVO brand always invests in top quality sneakers for boys and teens. The shoes are designed with rubber outsole material that is slip resisting and perfect durability.

They give room or flexibility for the proper development of child. They can be use for walking, outdoor activities, hiking, and most effectively to help the kids with sever’s disease to heal gradually undisturbed.

These UOVO shoes feature a skin-friendly lining that is also breathable from the soft textile vamp. That ensures comfortable wearing, no smell, or fatigue after the whole day wearing on the tennis or running activities.

  • Comes with protective ant collision toe cap
  • Feature adjustable hook and loop for easy put on/off
  • Has reinforced heel to enhance support and stability
  • Washable insole with extra cushioning
  • Lightweight with textile upper to increase breathability
  • Not true to sizing
  • Textile upper wears out faster-leaving outsole
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2. Feetmat Kids Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Boys Tennis Shoes

Feetmat Kids footwear from Feetmat brand is perfect athletic shoes made with a top selection of materials. Shoes have quality features to help both boys and girls to stay comfortable when running or walking activities.

They come lightweight with accurate sizes that offer a comprehensive option for active kids to choose their favorite colors and sizes. They are designed with fabric lining and textile uppers, also with extra cushions sole to ensure optimum comfort and breathability.

These shoes have an elegant appearance suiting the kid’s fashion. Their design with slip-resistant soles ensures protection on slippery or wet surfaces. Feetmat kids shoes can also be considered as reliable footwear for sever’s disease.

  • Comes with slip resistance fabric outsole
  • They are built very light to prevent fatigue.
  • Their upper is involves stretchy knitted breathable textile
  • Shoes have slip and wear resistance outsole
  • Insoles are sufficiently cushioned hence comfy
  • Their laceless Velcro straps not little kids friendly
  • Durability and comfort can be improved
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3. OOFOS Unisex OOCloog Post Exercise Active Recovery Footwear

If your kid suffers from heel pain or sever’s disorder, then OOFOS Unisex OOCloog from the OOFOS brand is the right option for your kid.

These shoes are not only good shoes for severs disease, but they are also safe recommendations for pst exercise active recovery. They absorb so much impact giving ideal arches footbed, reducing stress on your ankle and feet sore.

They are designed in a way to allow natural foot motion to allow easy healing. The making material makes them easy to wash, and as an advantage, they are made in whole sizes, though advised to size down if the wearer is men’s half size.

  • Ability to absorb stress provides relief to wearer heel
  • No smell, moisture resistance clogs and machine washable
  • So lightweight that can float on basin water
  • Strong and good in shock absorbing
  • cushioned for comfort and toe chafing eliminating design
  • Some users complain that they are ugly and bulky
  • Not official and not usable in many occasions
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4. adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Cludfoam Ilation is the best option for you if you are looking for the right shoe to boost your basketball performance. These shoes can be used by older men or teen boys, even those with severs disorder.

Therefore if you are also looking for the best basketball shoes for sever’s disease, you are at the right place. These shoes are manufactured lightweight and with extra cushioning to provide sufficient shock absorption and comfort.

The upper material features top comfort as mesh lining ensures smooth breathing support. The overall sole design will guarantee the perfect boosting of your playing skills. The rubber outsole has threads that enhance traction, making them a safe haven in that you have nothing to worry about the slipperiness of the surface or wetness.

  • Cleaning is easy and quick to dry
  • The mesh rear quarter ensures top breathability
  • Comfortable fit textile lining
  • Only 2.4 inches high for better arch support
  • Features lightweight cushioning and CLOUDFOAM sockliner
  • A bit pricy than some close alternative
  • Wears out sooner than expected
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5. Skechers Kids’ Erupters Ii-Lava Waves Sneaker

If you are looking for the best shoes to buy for your growing kid(s) that can support them even when they are complaining of heel pain or have inflamed heel, then go for Erupters II – lava waves footwear.

The sneakers are designed with casual long-lasting lights, stitched with overlay intonations. They are made with fabric mesh upper that is lightweight, the combination that ensures comfort is guaranteed and without compromising proper air circulation.

Insole cushioning plus padded color and tongue tells that comfort concern is the designer’s top priority. These shoes have come out as the best shoes for sever’s disease in this century due to their powerful ability to absorb shock, enabling kids even with such a problem to continue in their gameplay unperturbed.

  • Soft fabric lining ensures sufficient airflow
  • Ambiance lights boosting kids morale
  • Precise fit with adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Adequate cushioning and padded color improves comfort
  • Nonmarking rubber outsole has proper traction
  • The shoe looks bulky to little kids
  • Durability needs improvement
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6. HOBIBEAR Kids Lightweight Mesh Athletic Running Shoe

Here comes HOBIBEAR kids footwear packed with priceless quality and stylish design. Kids, especially those who are tennis enthusiasts or do it for careers, prefer this bright color shoe option that can be worn with any attire or outfit.

For better movement, these running shoes come lightweight and with soft rubber on the footbed, including outsole.

Single rubber tongue and seamless one-piece fabric uppers not only ensure perfect air circulation but also makes it easy to slip on and off. The shoes are very adaptive for the kids and will allow them to play or run without complaining of fatigue later.

  • Available in various bright colors options
  • Durable synthetic rubber outer sole
  • The shoes take little time to slip on / off
  • Stylish, attractive shoe designs
  • The outsole is slip and falling safe
  • Available in smaller sizes only
  • Durability is not the best
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7. Dansko Women’s Sophie Flat Sandal

Women’s Dansko sophies sandal is one ideal option for plantar fasciitis. These shoes are suitable for playing and working, and although not a suitable running tool, you can be sure they are better than the most alternative in the market.

They are secure, comfortable fit, and although by look, one may assume they are heavy, their design is lighter than appearing. The upper is made of durable soft leather, and wearing is as easy as just sliding to slip on and off.

These sandals come with Dri-lex lining, which wicks dry moistures for comfort and ensuring your feet are very dry. As one of the most versatile women’s sandal for plantar fasciitis, their design with PU outsole warrants traction and stable usage.

  • PU outsole enhances traction and stability
  • The best option for plantar fasciitis
  • Features moisture-wicking Dri-lex lining
  • Secure fit with variable leather straps
  • Have cushioned shock absorbing foam on the midsole
  • Not the best comfy sandals
  • Bulky and raised outsole
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8. UOVO Boys Kids Hiking Athletic Closed-Toe Beach Summer Sandals

These ideal sporty shoes for little kids are designs with high care understanding the delicate the user’s foot will be. They are designed with pig leather insole for softest cushioning and comfortable experience ever. The breathability on the sandals despite the closed-toe feature ensures that they are ideally odor resistance.

The nonmarking wear resistance rubber outsole ensures kids’ safety when walking or running. High standard material making the sandals toe cap makes them ant collision.

  • Offers healthy and comfy wearing
  • Toe cap protects the user against collision
  • The rubber outsole is slip-resistant and durable
  • Have no odor breathable insole
  • Features convenient on /off closure
  • Not true to sizes
  • They do not last long enough
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9. Nike Kids’ Grade School Air Force 1 Shoes

The shoes above are imported from the USA designed by Nike brand. Their quality is exceptional. They are designed out of soft and synthetic leather material. Their outsole features soft leather with sufficient traction practically to protect the kids from possible slipiong and to fall while playing or engaging in other active activities.

The closed shoe has a small perforation on the toe front to ensure proper air circulation. The shoes are lightweight, comfortable with a padded ankle collar, and thick logo outer that makes them look elegant.

  • Toe front perforation for breathing
  • Has a stylish and cozy appearance
  • The rubber outsole is quality with proper traction
  • They are designed lightweight for fatigue-free experience
  • Features padded ankle color for comfort
  • Upper has a quality synthetic leather
  • They retail costly though ships free
  • Their sizes run small
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10. KIZWANT Toddler Boys & Girls Slip On Canvas Sneakers

If you are looking for safety shoes for your toddler, then KIZWANT band brings you this shoe option that you can rely on as safe loafers that your kid will always like.

These lightweight, size, and color variety additions will ensure you get the exact value of your money. The shoes come with a soft, slip resistance study outsole that is also durable. This is perfect for walking, running, and including other outdoor activities.

  • Convenience elastic strap for easy slip-on/off
  • Features removable EVA footbed for comfort
  • Fits walking, jogging, and outdoor activities all seasons
  • Soft canvas upper allows breathing keeping feet dry
  • Rubber outsole grips firm the surface preventing slippage
  • Not durable enough
  • Designed too flat from toe to heel
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11. Memo Malmo Children’s Orthopedic Sever’s Disease Boot

The designed to offer the best footwear solution for the correction of flat feet, club foot, toe walking, pronation, provides support for children with CP on GMFCS I and II levels. Flat feet prevention due to built-in Thomas heel.

  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Thermoplastic asymmetric high and stiff heel counter.
  • Better accommodation of individual orthopedics and fitted insoles by Memo
  • Straps didn’t do the job keeping the shoes tightened
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Criteria for Choosing the Right Shoes for Sever’s Disease

Before you click cut online or pick a shoe from a local outlet store for your child, you must consider some factors that will ensure you get top quality shoe type.


When you go to the market, and you want to invest in a super helpful shoe that will assist your kid who may be suffering heel inflammation or sever’s disease. No matter other qualities advertised, ensure quality material for the upper, midsole, and outsole. Outsole material should have sufficient traction, and the upper should allow breathing.


Make comfortability your top priority. By that, it means you should buy shoes that will protect the aching heel of your child when playing or walking through sufficient cushioning and the ability to absorb shock.


However, much the best shoes for sever’s disease may be of quality, go for the shoes that meet your budget, common you cannot break the bank or compromise the budget.

Invest in shoes that not only deserves the value of the money you are paying but has a realistic price tag. Note, although you may be in much budget, just ensure quality for the sake of your kid, it is prudent to add more backs for quality.

How Do You Treat Severs?

Initially, before the new era and understanding better methods of managing, sever’s ailment became known around the globe, mothers could tell their children to avoid sports or vigorous activities for like one year. However, today there are so many techniques that are applied to help ease or alleviate the implications of severs disorder.

The main treatment is shoe selection that aims at improving the lower limb and foot function. More treatment options include; orthoses prescriptions, cal stretching, running techniques, heel raises, and training adjustments. Still rest though being the last option, is recognized as a way of easing the server’s disease symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Still Play Sports With Sever’s Disease?

Yes, athletes who suffer from sever’s disease still participate in sports activities like football, tennis, baseball, and can also jump or run. Although you must have approved shoes and keep checking your health if severe cases, you may be forced to take some rest.

Do You Need a Boot for Sever’s Disease?

Yes, if you are suffering from servers disease, you should go for the best shoes for sever’s disease recommendations to help in healing activity as you participate in safe activities. In some difficult situations, however, cast as boots may put into helping reduce heel pressure or inflammations.

What Type of Shoes Work Best for Sever’s Disease?

To avoid or to manage or help recover from sever’s disease you should invest in shoes with great heel count, stable or firmly supports your midsole, and the well-cushioned shoes, including the footbed for perfect shock absorption.

Is It Good to Walk Barefoot With Sever’s Disease?

No, not at all. Walking barefoot while suffering from sever’s disease will expose you to the risk of stepping on sharp debris that would lead to excessive pain. Moreover, going barefooted will prolong the recovery.


This article has reveled the best shoes for sever’s disease and more information that you need to know. The most crucial thing is to invest in shoes that provide best value for your money while providing protection and comfort for your child.

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