10 Best Shoes for Shuffling

Best Shoes for Shuffling

Shuffling is a thrilling dance that has been around since time immemorial. While you can be a professional shuffle dancer, there is something that is part of this historical art. Best shoes for shuffling, yes, that is the essential tool for shuffling success. This heel to toe-dance is one talent that requires a high level of professionalism; hence few can shuffle.

The artist who does shuffling dance knows how to tune their shoes, mesmerize the audience, and still give a pro performance. This article is more like a guide that can drive you to the exact shuffling equipment to enable you to reach your goal. The content highlights real-time unique, best performing, and durable shoes to buying in the market situation.

Shuffling Advice for Beginners

Shuffling is hard and requires a beginner to have a lot of tolerance. You are supposed to practice more and more while following the trainers’ guidelines. One advice most beginners need to know is that, for your shuffling to make sense, start slow. Begin practicing T-Step, then Running Man, just that until you are safe to continue. Moreover, get used to wearing shuffling shoes that are recommended; that way, you will protect yourself while enhancing your performance.

Before your game gets so easy, your concentration on basic moves needs to be excellent. Once you master the art and moves, you will then be able to dance without thinking. So, as a beginner, when you feel it shuffling is becoming a challenge to you, just know you are not alone, even the most experienced artist, it was the same when starting. So practice until you can do the basic techniques without missing the point

Benefit of Good Shoes for Shuffling

There are various benefits you can get bu using ideal shuffling shoes. The quality footwear for shuffling has cushions that help keep the foot curve safe. Firstly, you cannot dance barefooted safely. Apart from delaying your learning shuffling barefoot or with shoes that are not fit to shuffle, your foot may step on hand surface wrongly hurting foot arch or underfoot. If you suffer accidents or blisters because of not using good shoes, you end up losing your classes, and worst, you may experience a severe foot injury that prohibits you completely from shuffling.

Shuffling shows are lightweight and have sufficient traction. Good shoes for shuffling have as traction, which keeps the shuffle dancer safe from slip and fall accidents. Shoes are designed with threads for slip resistance purposes. When shuffling shoes are light in weight, you can dance for long hours without feeling fatigued. Finally, there are more benefits like they are waterproof ideal for outdoor activities and have low heels.

10 Best Shoes for Shuffling 2020

NameSoleMade ofPrice
Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers for Women Men Girls BoysRubberLeatherCheck Price
AoSiFu Kids Light Up Shoes Toddler Girls Boys Breathable Led Flashing Sneakers USB ChargeRubberFabricCheck Price
Fiber Optic LED Shoes Light Up Sneakers for Women Men with USB Charging Flashing Festivals Party Dance Luminous Kids ShoesFabricFabricCheck Price
MOHEM ShinyNight High Top LED Shoes Light Up Shoes USB Charging Flashing SneakersRubberLeatherCheck Price
LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes USB Charging Flashing Sneakers Light Up Shoes for Women MenRubberFabricCheck Price
SANYES USB Charging Light Up Shoes Sports LED Shoes Dancing SneakersRubberLeatherCheck Price
ATS Unisex LED Shoes Breathable Sneakers Light up Shoes for Men, Women, Boys.RubberFabricCheck Price
APTESOL Kids Youth LED Light Up Sneakers Unisex Boys Girls High Tops Cool Flashing Shoes for Toddler Littler Kid Big KidRubberLeatherCheck Price
IGxx LED Light Up Shoes Light for Men High Top LED Sneakers USB Recharging Shoes Women Glowing Luminous Flashing Shoes LED KidsRubberLeatherCheck Price
QTMS Boys Girls Breathable LED Light Up Shoes Flashing Colorful Sneakers for KidsRubberLeatherCheck Price

1. Odema Unisex LED Sneakers For Everyone

Odema produces stylish Unisex LED Shoes, with high top and light up. What is interesting in these shoes that make many love them, is that not only that, they are unisex to mean both genders can wear, the shoes come in all sizes. Boys and girls, men and women, all have the right size to fit them, reason being, the company, produces starting from size 4.5 up to size 13.

Shuffling shoes comes in a decent stylish design and lights up as you dance. When the shoes light up, you feel on top of the word, encouraged, and lights set your audience to glue on you, as lights take their attention fully. PU leather and rubber outsole make an excellent combination that boosts shuffling.


  • Rubber outsole ensures that user stability guaranteed
  • Shoes are designed attractive and stylish
  • Uses PU leather, high quality and durable
  • Features light cushions protecting foot curve
  • Designed fit and lightweight for dancing comfort


  • Sometimes led light malefactions too soon
  • Quality can be enhanced

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2. Aosifu Kids Light Up Shoes

Aosifu Kids Light Up Shoes are extraordinary that sells in sizes for toddlers, girls, boys. These shows have unique properties that attract many users. Firstly, they have mesh uppers that allow airflow preventing microbial infections and discomfort. Unlike other shoes whose once the light-up power deflects no more lighting, these shoes have a USB port for charging, which makes led flashing long-lasting.

These best shuffling shoes are designed elegant, lightweight, and durable. This is one attraction to Aosifu Kids Sneakers. The outsole features thick rubber offers excellent shock absorption, stability, and accords real-time grip to the shuffling floor surface.


  • These kids shoes have a rechargeable led flashing
  • Available in various color options
  • Thick rubber outsole ensures perfect stability and shock-absorption
  • Features breathable and moisture-wicking upper material
  • Designed flashy and elegant


  • Available in narrow sizes
  • Fabric is not as durable as the leather

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3. Softance Fiber Optic LED Shoes Light Up Sneakers For Everyone

Fiber Optic Led Sneakers from Softance brand can be described as for everyone. These quality shoes come with inbuilt light up system that we refer to as for everyone. Therefore, they are unisex that is both genders, and good enough sizes are there for adults and dance party kids. By the fact that these shoes feature 4 flash and 7 color models, you have options to switch to flash bland with dance style while picking the audience’s attention.

Fiber optic led sneakers are rechargeable with color switch button hidden. While they are rechargeable, the flashing performance will not diminish any soon, can even work the whole lifespan of the shoes. Designed with quality breathable and light in weight materials. That is, shoes have mesh inner providing that acts as ventilation.


  • Users full grain PU leather
  • Feature flexible and stable rubber outsole
  • Designed with the water-resistance ability
  • Interior cushioning preventing blisters and discomfort
  • Shoes are easy to wash and dry


  • Quality but a bit costly
  • Does not last long

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4. MOHEM Shinynight High Top LED Light Up Shoes

These top-quality sneakers are designed stylish using modern technology, which makes them sell better as compared to their immediate competitors. The led shoes are rechargeable with a USB port to charge using normal

Smartphone chargers. These shoes are manufactured using a high-quality premium mattress that ensures breathability, comfort, and stability. Well, the shoes are wear resistance and breathable soles.

While shinynight led shoes from MOLEM brand have light ups that grace dancing occasions and holding audience attention, they are also the best shoes to shuffle in. These shoes make an ideal gift to kids for festive season ceremonies.


  • Designed elegant and fashionable
  • Allows users to switch to their favorite colors
  • Unique enough, you can control lights remotely
  • Have interior cushions and collar padding enhancing comfortability
  • Uses standard USB smartphone chargers to charge


  • Does non-last long enough
  • The consumer feels, costs higher than its value

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5. Leovera Unisex LED Shoes for Women and Men

These top-quality shoes are unisex for their usability by both genders. They come with LED flashing light up with an array of colors giving the user freedom to switch colors at own will.  You can choose this option because the shoes have rechargeable batteries and switch button hidden to maintain elegancy.

These best shoes for shuffling are versatile in that you can wear then for use in other activities or as just casual night out footwear. Sneakers comprise a breathable upper mesh, softly knitted fabrics that wrap around the feet in a cozy manner.


  • Features rear section pull-up for easy slip-on/off
  • Features classical lace-up system that promotes fitting
  • User feels comfort and toasty when wearing
  • Their design is attractive
  • The battery has a long-lasting durability


  • The fabric makes them wear out soon
  • Poses fit issues to wide feet individuals

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6. SANYES USB Charging LED Light Up Dancing Shoes

If you are interested in acquiring the best shuffle shoes, then these footwear option is for you. They are rechargeable and comes in sizes for men and women. Since they are unisex, they are both economical and gender-conscious. Imagine two members of the family with a different gender can share the shoes if only they measure the same size.

The designing of shoes using premium quality materials such as PU leather upper, cotton fabrics, breathable lining, and rubber outsole make shoes have exceptional durability. You can change light model colors, but also you can change the speed of light up twinkling to faster or in slow motion. Their stability and comfort is excellent.


  • Features spectacular vibrant led lights
  • They are ideal shuffling accessories
  • Led lights take long before needing a recharge
  • You can vary the led light twinkling speed
  • Designed durable, stable and also comfy


  • Takes long to charge
  • Comfort can be improved

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7. ATS Unisex LED Shoes for Men, Women, Boys

All the best shoes for dancing have some things in common. ATS Unisex Led Shoes like other shuffling shoes; they incorporate specific general quality characteristics. They are built stylish and fashionable, yet offers top comfort. Comfort is achieved when shoes are breathable to prevent smelly feet and have cushions that protect users from friction-caused abrasiveness.

Durability can be improved in that consumers can even be able to replace the worn-out insoles. Their lightweight design allows users to execute a variety of moves for an extended time without experiencing overuse fatigue. The outsole quality rubber provides slip resistance to protect you from falling accidents regardless of the surface, be it oily, rough, or wet.


  • Features slip resistance outsole regardless of the surface
  • Uses strong materials for long-lasting services
  • Made of a breathable upper and replaceable insole
  • Thick rubber outsole offering ideal shock absorption
  • Grip resistance outsole enhances stability


  • Sells at a relatively high price
  • Not easy to wash and dry

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8. APTESOL Kids Youth LED Light Up Sneakers

Since quality and comfort is the key for market survival, APTESOL brand designed this footwear to compete with other reputable best led shoes for shuffling in the market. APTESOL Kids Youth Led Light Up Shoes are intended and designed uniquely for children both gender. The shoes further feature 4 dynamical colors and 7 static that can be switched with every press of the button.

If you want to gift your family members during kid’s birthday or any occasion, these will make the quality gift that will prove care and support as they sustain performance. Designed lightweight and cushioned underfoot, which ensures comfort and fit are catered for.


  • Provides self smooth color transition
  • Comes fixed with a smartphone USB port to enable easy charging
  • The led light up brightness is excellent
  • Cushioning enhances comfort and arch support
  • Shoes are flexible and feature 7 static colors


  • Costs more compared to close alternative
  • Upper make wears out soon

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9. IGXX LED Light Up Shoes For Men, Women and Kids

If you are dancing enthusiast and you are looking for best shuffle shoes to transform your shoe rack into a luminous joint, then IGXX LED Light Up Boots is all you need. With color padding raced to ver, the ankle area, the shoes provide perfect ankle support and comfort. These shoes come in designs that allow smooth movement when you dance wearing them.

The 7 color led lights glow in sequence and elegant patterns to make the users feel the dance floor is cheering on them.  The led lights can light for 6 hours without a halt, after which you can recharge again using typical phone USB.


  • Quality outsole material makes them durable
  • Led lights serve for about 6 hours nonstop
  • Shoes are lightweight and padded for comfort
  • USB port charges so fast
  • Raised collar for better ankle support


  • Not versatile and used for dancing only
  • Looks bulky due to raised shaft

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10. Qtms Boys Girls Breathable Led Light Up Shoes

QTMS brand decided to create a unique shuffling footgear by producing this quality shoe. The shoes have turned kids’ enjoyment into a true home of fun.  Unlike other light-up shoes that supports up to 7 color patterns, QTMS shoes can build up to 13 disparate color patterns. Operating the shoes set up is easy as it only uses one button to switch the colors

Apart from the ability to charge shoes using a simple mobile charger, the kids led light shoes can light up to 8 hours stretch. With PU leather and rubber material for upper and outsole, respectively, shoe durability is enhanced. Since shoes are stable and safe from any shock impact, dancers will not lament about comfort or injuries after performing.


  • Uses durable PU leather and reliable outsole
  • Battery keeps the charge up to 8-hour stretch
  • Kids enjoy 13 unique light patterns
  • Features double USB cable charging options
  • Comprises of padded collar that improves comfort


  • Shoes wear out soon
  • Led lights malfunctions and stop lighting

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What Should You Look for in Shuffling Shoes

In the dancing sector, when you click the cut button on an online store or visits a local shoe store, you need to be specif on qualities of the dancing shoes you are purchasing. So unlike common footwear, the best shoes for shuffling need to have some led light in which you can vary the patterns. Actually, without led light are for interrupting the audience and making them interested in what you dance. See below qualities to consider for dance boots.

LED light colors. Well, when you go to market, ensure you invest in only dance boots that have bright led light to avoid dim and dull colors. The unattractive colors will not catch the audience’s attention well, and that may bring negative adjudicators rating. Also LED light color patterns matter.

Material. Generally, the money you pay for the shoes must be worth it consider checking the upper and outsole material. Durability depends partly on the upper and outsole. If the upper features PU leather, hen expect durability to be ideal. Shoes that have mesh lining can allow sufficient air in which ensures comfort while wearing.

Battery life consideration. You should mind the battery life. Some shoes do not have a rechargeable battery. In such a case, it means that once the battery charge deflects, your shoes will not light. Shoes that are rechargeable using normal USB is good because even if the charger malfunctions, you can charge using a smartphone charger. Also, buying shoes that take more than 5 hours before need recharging.

Size and consumer reviews. When buying go through reviews on the manufacturer website, you should know if the shoes are true to size or you need to go in person and choose while fitting in your foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shuffling good exercise?

Yes, shuffling makes a very great exercise statistic tells that someone can lose around 1000 calories in an hour. The workout involves the whole body. When you are dancing, it is like you are running or doing vigorous activities.

Can you shuffle without shoes?

The rule of the thumb is shoes are necessary, and you cannot practice without shoes. However, the kind of shoes you use does not matter, but recommended shoes with light are best because they pull up the audience’s attention. Shuffling involves going to the festivals, clubs, and other places for the challenge, and you can not go there barefoot.

Are light up shoes safe?

Yes, light up shoes are safe to the wearer as the light is just to win the attention of the onlookers. However, if you burn them, while on your feet, an explosion may occur, which can cause injuries.

Do light up shoes have batteries?

Yes, light up shoes come with batteries. Most have rechargeable batteries that use the standard USB port to recharge.

How do I care for my new Shuffling shoes?

You can keep them dry every time and do not let water splash on the USB port that could cause malfunctioning of the battery. You should wear it when you are going to events.


This article list top quality shoes from renowned brands. As you choose the best shoes for shuffling, remember to check reviews about the reliability of the shoes and also the sizes. Most shoes are not true to size. Quality, durability, breathability, traction, and comfort is the main key properties that you should be checking on the model before you choose as your dancing gear.

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