10 Best Shower Foot Scrubber 2021 [Reviews & Top Picks]

best shower foot scrubber

Does it feel good standing on a wet floor in your shower? Of course not. Actually, we can put it better as ignorance of most of us, you will find in most homes, there is no shower mat to step on while in the shower room and many other cases also no foot scrubber.

Well, technology brought this fantastic techniques and equipment so that we can have a happy and comfortable living. Buying the best shower foot scrubber is tremendous value addition in your life and health too.

It will not cost or break the bank to invest in a one-time expenditure by buying a smart, durable shower mat or foot scrubber(s).

What is a Shower Foot Scrubber?

A foot scrubber is a tool or pedicure equipment you can use to thoroughly clean your feet while in the bathroom and also remove the dry upper skin on your feet. On your ankle of the foot, in most cases, when you go long without scrubbing, it will form hard dry skin that will not soften even with soapy water.

By ensuring that your feet are always smooth and properly scrubbed, you can be sure that you will still be protected against toenail and foot infections like athlete’s foot. Foot scrubbers come in a variety of forms like foot file, shower scrubber, or pumice stone.

How Does the Shower Scrubber Work?

The foot scrubber has bristle that conditions and help clean between your foot.you first fix or attach the scrubber device on the tub floor or your shower, then slide your foot gently without bending. The device features a built-in pumice stone that exfoliates your feet and removes dead skin.

The device bristles work more like a foot massage and make you feel excellent comfort while sliding your foot on the bristles. The benefit of using foot scrubber is that it helps clean your foot while on your standing position without having to bend, which could cause imbalance hence sliding and falling.

How to Use A Shower Foot Scrubber?

Initially, cleaning or scrubbing your foot using a handheld scrubber, was like; you could apply the scrub on the foot area where you want to be scrubbed then, then using scrub brush or palm, you scrub gently. Today, technology brought foot scrubber that you can use while standing without having to bend.

The foot scrubber is installed or stuck on the wall by the bathtub, such that whenever you want to scrub, then you just slide your foot on it. By gently moving in and out, the bristles will thoroughly exfoliate and clean your foot.

Reviews: Top 10 Best Shower Foot Scrubber 2020

LOVE, LORI Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & CleanerLOVE, LORIBlue & GreyCheck Price
LOMANTOWN Shower Foot ScrubberLOMANTOWNGreen, BlueCheck Price
BESKAR Foot Spa Massager Without Bending in ShowerBESKARAquaCheck Price
Mwellewm Acupressure Mat with Non-Slip Suction CupsMwellewmCyanCheck Price
GuanZo Extra Large Shower Foot Cleaner Scrubber MassagerGuanZoGreen,Pink & PurpleCheck Price
The FootMate System Foot Massager & ScrubberFootmateBlue, Beige, WhiteCheck Price
Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot BufferSpongeablesLavender, Clean and FreshCheck Price
Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp Foot File and Callus RemoverRikansBlackCheck Price

1. Love Lori Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner

LOVE, LORI massager, is an ideal foot scrubber and cleaner that is designed with hundreds of bristles, which ensures reach to all part of your underside of the foot. They clean thoroughly through exfoliation and cleansing your foot. This home kit, like a spa, will induce extraordinary comfort as you change position and angle as you wish.

The massager reaches your tired pressure points, causing relaxation at the pressure of your preference. The ability of the bristles to reach the point between your toes and removing deal skin cells brings ideal soothing relaxation while riding unwanted foot smell.

  • Removes bad smell and prevent athlete’s foot
  • The foot Scrubber retails at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Comes with hundreds of bristles hence more comfort
  • Improves blood circulation on foot and legs
  • Features a non-skid base
  • Some users complain that bristles are much stiff.
  • Need gentle standing on bristle else induce pain
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2. LOMANTOWN Shower Foot Scrubber Mat

This is another addition home spa equipment that can allow you to feel the goodness of feet massage. The tool has firm nonslip shower cups that you can stick to the bathroom flower when using. You can fix firmly on the flow and just work your feet without fear that you may slip while on it. The hard you should press on them is up to your will, and the pressure you want on your feet.

This excellent shower foot scrubber mat helps you alleviate foot odor, promotes ease blood circulation, and, more so, it smoothens your skin, activating natural moisturizing of the skin. The good thing with this shower foot scrubber, once the smell build-up, you just air by putting for like two days and you continue using.

  • Clean Not only’s but also massages your feet
  • You can work your foot still standing
  • Features non slip suction cups just to stick
  • Promotes sufficient blood circulation to foot and legs
  • Removes foot odor preventing fungal infections
  • Has a foul smell after use
  • Needs some experience, else bristles hurt
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3. Foot Scrubber for Shower Floor By BESKAR

Foot scrubber by BESKAR is a prestigious and comfy gadget that works better than most alternative shower scrubbers in the market. It includes firm yet stiff bristles and suction cups to give the absolute feeling. As a super foot exfoliator during your short time in the shower room, you can be sure to relieve the stress of the long tiresome day with this exclusive foot scrubber for dead skin.

This device is capable of eliminating dead skin and cellulite with contoured duo bristle design. It works to ensure the tender areas under your foot massaged with ease. It is also suitable after exercise as it cleans between toes taking away the sweat and foul smell from your feet.

  • Features strong anti-slip base with flexible suction cups
  • Removes odors and funkiness on the foot
  • Ideal foot therapy for diabetic
  • Removes callus and exfoliate your foot
  • Helps relieve stress and fatigue after tedious work
  • Needs frequent cleaning and airing
  • Scrubs one foot at a time
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4. Mwellewm Shower Foot Scrubber Massager Cleaner

You can have this top quality yet inexpensive gadget from Mwellewm brand, which you can trust as it will ensure that your feet are ever clean and healthy. It is fixed in your bathroom firmly such that you can use it whenever you wish, even if just for scrubbing when you don’t need to shower. Silicone quality material making the gadget gives the scrubber ability to last long.

It has an elegant look, which makes it decorative equipment apart from being an excellent foot cleaner for shower, and it is available in many color options in the market, so you can choose the color that suits your preference.

  • Helps prevent feet diseases like athlete’s foot
  • It can smoothly reach and clean between toes
  • Relaxes foot points to improve blood circulation
  • Softens and eliminates dry, dead skin
  • Size fits both feet standing
  • Bristles are not gentle enough
  • Sometimes slides marginally
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5. Body & Sole Soapy Soles Foot Scrubbing Pad

If you have been looking for a reliable floor foot scrubber that is also an excellent massager, then Soapy Soles by Body & Sole is the solution to your woes. This foot-shaped scrubber with suction cups on the base area holds the ground firmly, preventing any possible slipping and falling. The soapy soles are a reliable foot scrubber shower that designed with soft bristles that have sufficient length to reach every point between the fingers.

This foot massager works like human fingers, so you can imagine it built with 1500 bristles roughly feels like 1500 fingers that soothing under your foot and good enough, you can experience the service without having to bend.

  • It is easy to clean and use
  • You can fix anywhere either shower or tub
  • Helps relieve knee pain
  • Built with suction cups preventing slipping and falling
  • Induces superb soothing effects
  • Not easy to scrub between toes
  • Bristles look stiff to some users
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6. GuanZo Extra Large Shower Foot Cleaner Scrubber Massager

GuanZo created this extra-large shower foot scrubber to help users clean their feet effectively and effortlessly. It feels good after a long day in the workplace you come and visit your shower for smooth foot touch. It works like a spa to soothe, clean, and rejuvenate while promoting blood circulation in the comfort of your home.

Notwithstanding that balancing in the shower room with the soapy slippery surface is so hard, with this upgraded large bristles, it helps clean foot safely since it designed, lightweight. You don’t have to press so much on the bristles, even those with low foot sensitivity.

  • Gives the feet spa comfort and rejuvenation
  • Has large soft bristles that work effortlessly
  • Cleans the feet easily and thoroughly
  • It’s non-slip to prevent the possible falling accident
  • Made of durable, high-quality plastic like bristles
  • Bristles feel stiff for users with high feet sensitivity
  • Available in only two designs and two colors
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7. Ollieroo Foot Scrubber Brush for Shower

This best foot scrubber for shower from Ollieroo brand features top-quality premium material making bristles and bottom to ensure they last long, so to continue giving their valuable service to the master. It designed with small pumice pieces that break down dead skin leaving smooth, soft skin.

The foot spa device works to alleviate those suffering from hip pain, knee, or back pain from their painful situations. Their tender foot massage facilitates proper blood circulation to all aching parts of the body. They built anti-slip, which makes them suitable for sticking or attaching anywhere on the tap or smooth shower floor.

  • Designed with slip-resistant suction cups
  • Bristles feature harmless premium quality material
  • Have suction cups that help prevent potential falling
  • Comes with hanging rope for safe storage
  • Properly clean smooth or rough skin without bending
  • It works just for one foot at a time
  • Requires additional anchor support on one foot
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8. The FootMate System Foot Massager & Scrubber

The Footmate scraber by Footmate is an ideal foot massage that designed with an elegant look and premium quality material. It comes with a rejuvenating gel that softens the dead foot skin for easy cleaning and also ensures no odor remains on the scrubber after use. As one of the best shower foot scrubber, it is designed to use while standing, no bending.

This device is not just used to clean feet but has more functions in that it helps pregnant women, athletes, and older people to have a healthy back. The quality mildew bristles help work on device durability and stain resistance. Regular use of this shower foot scrubber can help enhance your blood flow and circulation.

  • Durable mildew scrubber bristles
  • Features non- skid base for slippery floor support
  • Enhances blood flow and proper circulation
  • Comes with rejuvenating gel for odorless experience
  • Cleans thorough your foot without bending
  • Too soft non-stiff bristles
  • Cant stand on it with both feet
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9. Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer Foot Exfoliating Sponge

This scrubber pack from spongeables has pieces of sponges that work to help the user clean with a hand reaching every point that is aching or dirty to ensure clean foot. This product may look small but works miracles and helps you have a healthy yet aesthetic feet leaving you happy and relaxing your mind.

While it scrubs gently on your feet, it brings aromatherapy smelling like citron or eucalyptus. With this reliable foot scrubber for shower, you can rest assured that it will remove dry skin, improving blood circulation, moisturizing your skin.

  • Produces aromatherapeutic relaxing scent
  • Removes completely dry and dead skin
  • Comes in sponge sets enough to support you
  • Comes with aromatic oil that moisturizes your skin
  • Improves blood flow and circulation
  • You must bend to use
  • Requires constant replacements
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10. Rikans Colossal Foot Rasp Foot File And Callus Remover

This awesome foot rasp by Rikans, just like other best foot scrubber for shower, is essential in keeping your feet moisturized, preventing dry hard skin at all cost. It has a rough pattern surface that can clean thoroughly the calluses and dryness accumulated for years.

You just have to be careful as you file off the upper dead skin of your foot as with this useful tool, you can file off so much, so it’s prudent to file moderately. After use, you can use a moisturizer so that your feet can remain smooth and tender. It is designed to light and with material that is hands friendly to prevent hands from forming crampy.

  • It is a heavy-duty tool to remove all calluses
  • Sells at affordable price
  • It is simple in design
  • Designed lightweight and protects hands
  • Features uniform pattern for effective use
  • You cant use while standing
  • You must be careful else you scrub excess
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Criteria for Choosing Best Feet Scrubber for Shower

When you go to the market, before you pick any foot scrubbing mat, ensure it is non-slip. The bottom of the best foot scrubber for shower has a slip resistance base or bottom to ensure you don’t slip and fall while in the shower room. The reason to emphasize slip resisting make is that there is slippery soapy water, plus most bathrooms have even floor.

Go for the mat or shower scrubber that is easy to clean and antibacterial, if possible. That will ensure you can easily rinse and let it dry before the next showering.

Consider the type, size, and shape of the foot scrubber of your preference. The reason for minding size is because some people prefer big enough to fit both foot stand on it, while others want a one-foot shower mat. The type of the matt comes into consideration if you want the one handheld that you must bend or the one you can use while standing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Use a Foot Scrub?

Moderate scrubbing depends on the type of foot scrubber. For foot matt with nonstiff bristles can be even every time you go to the bathroom you stand on. But for deep scrubbing and removing can be weekly or biweekly.

Should I Wash My Feet in the Shower?

Yes, where else? It should be in the shower or tub where your scrubber is stuck. After or before a whole body bathing, to relieve and relax your body, promoting blood circulation.

Can These Scrubbers Work in a Tub?

Yes, the foot scrubber is just a foot cleaning device, you can stick it on the shower floor or bathtub where you just slide your foot, and the deal done. Nothing complicated but just as simple as that, but stability is required.

Do the Scrubbers Clean in Between the Toes Well?

Yes, the reason is that the foot scrubbers have long bristles that can reach between the toenails and between toes removing every speck of dirt and possible odor.


Finally, the content is here, packed with all information and data anyone may need before investing money in buying the best shower foot scrubber. These scrubs are very useful in ensuring you live a clean and healthy living free from any bacterial or fungal infections on foot.

Moreover, foot scrubbers are essential as they help reduce back pain, heel pain, and more through massaging and giving room to proper blood flow and circulation to the foot region.

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