10 Best Walking Shoes for Ball Of Foot Pain

Best Walking Shoes for Ball Of Foot Pain

Ball of foot pain, also identified as metatarsalgia is a sharp pain that occurs in the area around metatarsalgia. Some people do not experience ball of foot pain even if they do vigorous activities, but others will suffer so much pain that they cannot walk after a challenging regime. You can alleviate the metatarsalgia pain utilizing the best Walking shoes for ball of foot pain.

If you are among those who go through the sharp pain when running or doing activities, there is hope. So wearing recommended shoes can prevent and help remedy the issues arising from the ball of foot pain.

What is Ball of Foot Pain?

As said earlier, the pain in the ball of the foot is a phrase that also means metatarsalgia pain. This is a very painful situation or condition that has several causes. Sometimes while running or walking, you may experience the sudden sharp pain in the ball of foot.

The pain may result from wearing shoes that don’t fit you perfectly, either tight or loose shoes. Some activities like running, jumping, and foot deformities may lead to the ball of foot pain. You can, therefore, prevent or treat the pain by wearing the correct footwear and home remedies like ice to cool.

How Can Ball of Foot Pain Shoes and Insoles Help Me?

Metatarsal shoes and special soles can be used to treat and reduce metatarsalgia. The working of shoes and insoles together works in that the shoes are designed to fit the insoles fitted with met pads. The insoles with met pads fit straight on the footbed to help relieve the pain.

The metatarsal shoes work to align and distribute pressure equally on your foot so to alleviate the pain. The effect of a met pad on the insoles has a special mechanism that prevents severe pain aggravation. Therefore you can trust that recommended insoles and shoes can bring relief in your life.

How do I Find the Best Ball of Foot Pain Shoes?

Finding ideal shoes for ball of foot pain is not a gold search or other rare stones. All you need is to write down unique qualities that you should be looking for in combination. The finest ball of foot shoes will aid relieve the pain and support you as you walk or run to your career.

These shoes should have sufficient cushioning on the insoles such that any hop or jumpy steps should not aggravate the pain. Similarly, the shoes should have mesh or perforations to allow in and out air, which prevents discomfort or smelly shoes.

Best Walking Shoes for Ball Of Foot Pain

NameMade ofSolePrice
New Balance Men's MW928 Walking ShoeLeatherRubberCheck Price
Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking ShoesLeatherSyntheticCheck Price
Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking ShoeMesh & LeatherSyntheticCheck Price
Saucony Men's Cohesion TR13 Trail Running ShoeSynthetic & meshRubberCheck Price
Propét Women's Stability Walker SneakerLeatherRubberCheck Price
Skechers Men's Equalizer Persistent Slip-On SneakerTextile and SyntheticSyntheticCheck Price
ASICS Women's Gel-Quickwalk 3 Walking ShoeTextile and LeatherRubberCheck Price
Rockport Men's We are Rockin Chranson Walking ShoeLeatherSyntheticCheck Price
Saucony Women's Zealot Iso 3 Running ShoeTextile and SyntheticRubberCheck Price
Vionic Women’s Kona Fitness ShoesTextileRubberCheck Price
  1. New Balance Men’s Mw928

These are comfy walking shoes designed by the New Balance brand for men. They have excellent qualities that combined provide total comfort and support. Users, especially those with mild or severe metatarsalgia find exceptional relief from the pain. New Balance 928 shoes are flexible, lightweight, stylish, and breathable to help users with the ball of foot pain.

These ideal shoes have sp many benefits to the user, not only the metatarsalgial recovery but even those with pronation issues. They are designed from premium leather upper that is easy to clean and durable. Has ABZORB excellent midfoot cushioning to prevent any shock. Therefore, this model is reliable walking shoes for ball of foot pain.


  • Solves all sorts of foot issues
  • The footbed is reliable for easy orthotic inserting
  • Includes phantom liner, a seamless odor preventing
  • Feature ROLLBAR stabilizing technology
  • Available in all sizes including large and wide sizes


  • Shoes are a bit heavy
  • They come in limited colors

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  1. Vionic Kona Women’s Fitness Shoes

If you are looking for extreme comfort while you are doing fitness activities, then Kona Women’s Fitness Shoes by Vionic can be perfect for you. These shoes can be reliable while you are walking or fitness in that they improve your energy and movement. The shoes’ endurance keeps you moving without experiencing shock impacts due to their footbed cushions.

Shoes are durable, and the brand enjoys pride in producing these breathable, lightweight, and fatigue-free footwear that helps users with metatarlsal problem. While boosting traction, Vionic Kona Shoes for women further alleviates knee pain, pronation, back pain, and other activities driven mishaps.


  • Have enough cushions that improve on comfortability
  • Designed from quality materials, upper and soles
  • Shoes fit well and are true to size
  • With these shoes, arch support is guaranteed
  • Have perfect traction, hence stable and supportive


  • Some users say, they are ugly
  • Durability should be improved

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  1. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Shoes

Brook Addiction Men’s Walker shoes are among the known best walking shoes for ball of foot pain that have taken the market by storm.  As always, brooks will never disappoint, and this model is a sure proof of top quality the company brings on the market. Comfort and support are the main concerns individuals who have metatarsalgial conditions mind most.

These shoes have soft BioMoGo DNA cushions and Progressive Diagonal Rollbar to develop comfort and backing the arch, respectively. The design with full-grain leather upper and synthetic soles makes them durable. The aesthetic look with these shoes makes them versatile for use in both official and informal occasions.


  • Slip-resisting outsoles secure users in all surfaces
  • BioMoGo DNA provides top support
  • Quality synthetic insole and upper leather ensures durability
  • Shoes are versatile and flexible
  • Offers overpronation support and ease metatarsalgia


  • No breathability lining or mesh
  • Not everyone is pleased with their bulky design

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  1. Ryka Women’s Sky Walk Shoes

Like other reputable walking shoes for metatarsalgia, Ryka Women’s Walk Shoes offer support recommended. These lightweight and durable shoes bring long-lasting relief. Women who suffer a ball of foot pain while on athletics or doing personal fitness activities find solace in these shoes.

The reason behind the power of Sky Walk Women’s Shoes by Ryka, is their lightweight design, rubber outsole, and molded EVA form. The EVA midsole reinforced with TPU shank that offers the best arch support. Well, not only those qualities, these shoes have, but also include breathable mesh upper, soft leather overlays, and much more.


  • Have an attractive, stylish look
  • Shoes have traction preventing slip and falling accident
  • Shoes mesh upper allowing sufficient airflow
  • The shoes have spacious toebox
  • Helps in treating various foot conditions yet affordable


  • They are created narrow
  • Does not support the foot arch effectively

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  1. Saucony Men’s Cohesion Tr13

Cohesion Tr13 for men are ideal running shoes from the market leader, Soucony. The good thing with these shoes is that they are not just suitable for runners who are healthy but designed to support even those with foot conditions. Athletes and other individuals with the ball of foot pain find support in these shoes since they make their foot secure from shock impacts.

The shoes have upper featuring synthetic plus textile mesh blend, which allows proper air circulation. The breathability courtesy of mesh upper prevents smells that not only embarrass users but lead to microbial attacks. The user of synthetic on the top and rubber insoles makes the shoe lightweight hence comfortable.  Heel grid and a bit raised shaft to make them arch supportive.


  • Shoes designed with proper traction
  • Mesh and synthetic leather upper ensures lightweight nature
  • The quality rubber outsole prevents falling risks
  • Heel grid cushioning guarantees shock impact safe
  • Perfectly breathable and arch-supporting


  • Upper wears out soon, since no genuine leather
  • Not available in various sizes, colors or styles

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  1. Propét Women’s Stability Walker Sneaker

Here comes colorfully, aesthetically designed shoes for women to help them while walking to help alleviate foot conditions. Stability walker sneakers from the famous Propet brand are guaranteed best women’s shoes for ball of foot pain.  This lightweight make is top-rated by users for their exceptional support and comfort.

Shoes come with padded tongue and color, the feature that ensures that they fit well and abrasion-free. EVA midsole is the mother of cushioning, and when boosted with a top-class rubber outsole to allow traction, the shoes acquire absolute comfort. So women experiencing metatarsalgia conditions will get support in Propet Stability Walker Sneakers.


  • Gives absolute comfort and hence fatigue-free usage
  • Their support keeps your foot safe from shock
  • They are fashionable yet affordable
  • Designed versatile to be used in various activities
  • Fits proper and allows gradual foot conditions recovery


  • Made of poor quality leather
  • Cushioning can be improved

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  1. Skechers Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker For Men

This model from the Skecher is one of the vast arrays of walking and running shoes produced by the brand. Like other models, Skechers Mens Equalizer Persistent Slip-On shoes come packed with qualities. Shoes feature stylish design down to the material utility. You feel heavenly, while on these lightweight, flexible tractive outsole and with memory foam cushioning for perfect shock absorption.

The shoes feature a slip-on system, which makes them easy to put on/off. They are easy to wash and dry even under moderate environmental temperatures. Shoes further come with elastic fabrics side panels that make them fit any foot shape. These sneakers are not only recommendable walking shoes for people suffering from metatarsalgia, but also useful for overweight users.


  • Shoes have dual elastic side panels
  • Their cushioning supports the arch and absorbs shock
  • Flexible and fits most foot size or shape
  • Features memory foam insoles
  • Designed lightweight and flexible


  • Not durable enough and wears out soon
  • Comes with simple unattractive design

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  1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Quickwalk 3 Walking Shoes

When thinking about best walking shoes for ball of foot pain , features of Women’s Gel Quick Walk 3 should cross your mind. ASICS is a leading brand that designed this comfortable walking shoes for women. The lightweight women model is sure proof of top-performing footwear.

This model has a blend of mesh and synthetic on the upper, which supports athletes in their fitness quest. What makes them best is that the small weights hence can be used for long hours without inducing discomfort or fatigue. They are cushions to give optimal care to users, especially those with metatarsalgia conditions.


  • The walking shoes are lightweight and comfortable
  • Manufuctured in stylistic designs and attractive colors
  • Secures and supports your foot when walking
  • Usable all nature of surfaces downhill or upperhill
  • Allows reliable breathability all the time


  • Longer distance walks hurt the foot
  • No sufficient toebox space hence pinches toes

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  1. Rockport Men’s We Are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe

As the name suggests, Rockport Mens We Are Rockin Chranson are world rockers shoes from the Rockport brand. Like many other best walking shoes for metatarsal pain reviews that we have seen, this one also comes with comfortable man-made lining and insole which gives it a super comfy feel when walking.

This model makes the Rockport brand shoot well ahead of the others. The style and design shown by this model prove that the technology used is cutting edge.

These lightweight top quality shoes feature retro design ethos. The shoes have faultless cushioning that can grasp the user fit and fell suspended on the softest condition achievable. With these shoes, you have nothing to worry about shock impact, possibly falling or embarrassing smelly feet.


  • Outsole features biomechanical design promoting a natural gait
  • The rubber outsole offers perfect grip
  • Mesh lining makes the shoes breathable
  • Shoes are easy to clean and dry
  • You can wear daily and still feel comfort


  • Heel collar at times disappoint
  • Not lightweight enough due to heavy leather

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  1. Saucony Zealot Iso 3 – Women’s Running Shoe

This is a come back of the original Zealot that had a big following. So this is good news to the zealot enthusiast. Women’s Zealot ISO 3 walking shoes are a quality creation that is built with Tru-Flex technology addiction.  Tri-flex promotes natural gait and flexibility.

Women who suffer from metatarsalgia these shoes will help them walk their way of recovering. The shoes protect further injury to those with foot conditions.they are lightweight, comfortable, and offer the top shock-absorbing capability. The cushioning and lighter nature make them best for long marathon runners.


  • Reliable for long race runners
  • Cushioning and low heel drop makes them excellent
  • They are durable and lightweight
  • Shoe retail at pocket-friendly prices
  • Have mesh upper that ensures proper airflow


  • There are no exclusive color choices
  • Have shallow toe box discouraging online ordering

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Metatarsalgia Shoes Buying Criteria

When buying best walking shoes for ball of foot pain, below are things you should put into consideration.

Weight and comfort.  Achieving low weights when designing shoes is not a big issue as technology has come up with light quality materials for making. When you have metatarslgia condition, you need shoes that are light in weight, so the pain doesn’t build up the more. Heavy shoes when walking, running, or standing with will cause fatigue and hence the discomfort. Comfort is everything in any shoes.

Durability and versatility. Well, ideal shoes should not just wear and tear before you recover fro ball of foot pain. Buying durable shoes is economical. Also, the recovery shoes you buy should be able to be worn on various occasions. You should be able to wear them when going for official and casual events.

Breathability and traction. Breathable shoes allow sufficient airflow preventing microbial and fungi build up. Non-breathable shoes can cause smelly foot leading to uncalled embarrassments when you take them off. Good shows should not be slippery to avoid slip and fall accidents that could aggravate the pain.

Price and brand. When buying, ensure that the shoes don’t cost too high for their value, although it is worth investing in shoes that are quality than going cheap but fake. Moreover, buy from a reputable brand or you can read reviews. Some upcoming shoe designers may write down fabrications about the shoes only to find they are ineffective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Ball of Foot Pain?

This happens when you or during an accident, something applies pressure on your foot. This pressure causes bones to rub on each other, pinching the nerves inside. Shoes that do not fit well maybe too tight or too loose, and also high heel may cause ball of foot pain.

What Is the Syndrome of Ball of Foot Pain?

When someone is experiencing a ball of foot pain, he or she feels tingling pain and numbness. It’s like when you are walking barefoot, and suddenly you are hit by a stone. The problem with the ball of foot pain is a routine condition that comes every time.

How to Treat Ball of Foot Pain?

There are special exercises that can be done and finally bring permanent relief. A  physician train may check where the nerves could have left the place and put back. Moreover, wearing metatarsalgia shoes for a set time may heal. The surgery is another permanent solution to the condition.

Can a Shoe Relieve Ball of Foot Pain?

Well sure! Proper recommended shoes like the ones discussed in this article can help you treat mild ball of foot pain. Shoes help reduce the pressure by distributing across all the body regions. Some shoes have insoles that have met pads that also facilitates the effectiveness of treating ball of foot pain.


Shoes restore naturally. Although they say the quick and fastest way to eradicate ball of foot pain is surgery, you can avoid the need for surgery. If you use best walking shoes for ball of foot pain that fits perfectly, there would be no need for surgery. You should select footwear that does not exert pressure on your toes or pinch toes.

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