10 Best Wildland Firefighting Boots [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Best Wildland Firefighting Boots

Firefighting is one of the most arduous jobs on earth. Firefighters enter buildings where there are superheated gases, hot situations going up beyond a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. They also risk being hit by falling debris from collapsing buildings. For wild firefighting tasks, it is safer if one has the best wildland firefighting boots.

Failure to protect adequately may attract accidents through the loss of body fluids. Therefore, for their safety, firefighters need protective equipment, like masks, heat resistant clothes, and boots. Specialized quality boots will protect the firefighter’s ankle and lower legs from raging fires. Their shoe quality varies in terms of quality.

Top 10 Best Wildland Firefighting Boots 2020

NameMade ofSolePrice
Danner Men's Wildland Tactical Firefighter 8" Fire and Safety BootLeatherVibramCheck Price
Hathorn Men's Explorer Steel Toe BootLeatherVibramCheck Price
Bates Men's 8" Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military BootLeatherRubberCheck Price
La Sportiva Men's Glacier WLF Hiking Boot - Men'sLeatherRubberCheck Price
Thorogood Men’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-flexLeatherRubberCheck Price
Georgia Boot Men's Logger 8" Black Non Steel-Toe Work BootLeatherRubberCheck Price
Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering BootLeatherVibramCheck Price
Kenetrek Men's Wildland Fire Leather BootLeatherRubberCheck Price

1. Danner Men’s Wildland Tactical Firefighter 8″ Safety Boot

Tactical firefighter 8″ from Danner brand tops in this wildland fire boots review. These extraordinary smokejumper firefighting gear designed with quality features that you can love. Starting with the full-grain leather outer incorporated with mesh lining on the inside, they offer heat resistant and perfect breathability.

The outer sole is made of sturdy Vibram to give slip resistivity over any terrain. They are lightweight with stitch construction reinforcement to provide the ultimate user comfort while out for wildland fire calls. The unique thing about these boots is that they fit so well and are attractive by look, from the heel shape to the streamline upper design. Far better, the toe has enough room for comfortable movement.

  • Boots performs excellently with their athletic design
  • The moisture-wicking lining makes them ideally breathable
  • Boots are made strong and a bit durable
  • Their design makes them best for rugged terrain
  • They feature Ortholite footbed
  • Durability is not the best
  • Lacing material is not quality enough
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2. Hathorn Men’s Explorer Steel Toe Boot

Among the top-ranked wildland firefighter boots, hathorn 11v is the king of the jungle. Boots are made stylishly from premium full-grain leather that gives it toughness and durability of the highest order. The untreated leather material making the upper brings natural softness, flexibility, pliability, and additionally tough all through.

The boots are strong enough to meet fire comfortably, ensuring the firefighter is well protected. The cushioning on the inner side will never let the user feel any pressure on the toe ankle or arch support. You can buy any other boots, but the quality of this boot is irreplaceable.

  • The boot features sturdy eyelets and metal hooks
  • Those with high arches enjoys the boots more
  • Quality level traction for trekking in the wilderness
  • With full-grain leather uppers, durability is guaranteed
  • Tongue guard plus nylon laces make wearing easy
  • Not insulated at all
  • No padding on the collar
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3. Bates Men’s 8″ Ultralite Tactical Military Boot

If your priority in best fire boots is comfort, then bates tactical boots are the ideal option that will save you from common discomforts issues while on duty. The extra padding is the reason behind sufficient comfort provided to buy the boots. The food thing these boots are multipurpose as they fit well both sports guys and firefighters.

The seller retails them at an affordable price, which allows many people to buy and experience unlimited goodness. The cement construction technology ensures the boots are lightweight yet without being abrasive. Apart from having removable cushioned insole, the shoes feature dry, slip, and oil-resistant outsoles that keep the feet warm.

  • Boots keeps the feet warm, dry
  • They are slip and oil resistance
  • Has mesh lining that supports breathability
  • Have extra padding to boost comfort
  • Ballistic nylon enhances durability
  • Loop enclosure on the boots induces ankle discomfort
  • Durability can be improved
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4. La Sportiva Men’s Glacier WLF Hiking Boot

Made from italy, la sportive is an extraordinary pair of work boots that you can no doubt trust and rely on them for perfect service, whether you are an avid backpacker or a firefighter. The shoes are made of top quality leather design on the uppers. They are lightweight and features a top-quality synthetic sole that gives optimum support to the user.

These stylish boots are a favorite alternative for experienced firefighters who recognize the value of best wildfire boots. The boots offer ideal high ankle stability without altering movement at all. Further, with their Vibram ice outsole, you can wear confidently with trust on their traction level, which allows you to walk or jump on muddy and rocky terrain too.

  • Has steel shank for sharp objects protection
  • Meets wildland firefighting standards
  • Boots are very light
  • Have traction for muddy and rocky terrain usage
  • Provides high ankle stability
  • Not durable enough
  • High heat conditions separate glued outsole
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5. Thorogood Men’s Gen-flex2 Series 8″ Tactical Side Zip Boot

Thorogood brand continues to offer top quality work boots at affordable prices in the market. The boots are of quality materials, but we cannot say they are the best wildland fire boots because they are designs for secondary usage, not frontline fire stopping. They are therefore used where there is minimal interaction with raging fire since their fire resistivity is low.

However, they can give top comfort a firefight would want. Mostly, Thorogood 8″, are used as station boots by the officers who are not in the outside fire calls or brigade motor drivers. They fit well and are designed, allowing enough toe box space.

  • A reasonably affordable comparing other boots
  • Have most comfortable and cushioned insole
  • Easy to break-in
  • They have good traction to prevent slippage
  • High heel enough to offers proper ankle protection
  • Are poor heat resistant
  • Durability can be improved
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6. Georgia Boot Men’s Logger 8″ Black Non Steel-Toe Work Boot

Georgia boot is a famous brand that produces various types and styles of about in so many sectors. Their core value and the secret behind the rising to the level of a market leader in being able to maintain quality while listening and implementing users’ suggestions. They are made of 100% pure leather that gives it sturdy and durable upper.

Although 8-inch Georgia boot is a non-steel toe, it can protect you against falling objects through the sturdy non-compressible upper. The shoes have a moisture-wicking lining that is breathable enough to ensure the user’s feet remain dry all the time. The cushioning on the insole and footbed guarantee comfortability at its best.

  • Tough construction material ensures the boot is durable
  • The boots keep the feet dry and comfortable
  • The boot offer protection against heat
  • It has a thick layered lining to allow breathability.
  • Features oil and slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Stitching separates easily
  • They cost a little higher
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7. Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

The highly-rated Fuego mountaineering boots from Italy based brand known as Scarpa is an example of construction and design made perfect. The shoes are made quality and for use in various outdoor sports and leisure activities like trail running, hiking, mountaineering, in addition to being one of the best wildland firefighting boots.

It has an elegant bronze color with a double tongue that guarantees a comfortable fit. The Vibram sole ensures the boot remains slip-resistant as firefighters climb tough rocky wilderness. The boots further have nylon lining that provides breathability at its best. The shoes do not include rubber outsole in a bid to avoid rubber bunning while firefighting.

  • Nylon lining to allow sufficient airflow
  • Has EVA midsole to boost comfort
  • Durable quality leather upper
  • Has slip-resistant Vibram sole
  • Features double tongue for ideal comfortability
  • Sometimes they crack
  • The boots sell at a high price
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8. Kenetrek Men’s Wildland Fire Leather Boot

Kenetreck brands bring this great boot for wildland firefighters who want only but the best. The top attraction to this full grain fire-resistant leather boot is the qualities it posses. They are designed with a seamless tongue that makes them long-lasting and also increasing precision mold to every foot.

Apart from hot zone kevlar stitching feature that enhances fireproof performance, they are lightweight with lace to toe style to ensure optimum support and comfort all day. The comfortability is further boosted by padding and nylon midsole. These best wildland fire boots also have enough traction, which facilitates the non-slip experience and safety of the user.

  • Have excellent traction on any surface
  • Their design ensures excellent breathability
  • Padding and nylon midsoles provide top comfort
  • Full-grain leather design enhances durability
  • The boots are lightweight
  • Takes much time to break-in
  • They come with a high price
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9. Wesco Men’s Firestormer 10″ Black Fire and Water Resistant Boots

These wildland fire boots are available in many markets around the globe for all professional firefighters to access. For perfect protection, these boots are reliable for front line smokejumpers and firefighters. With 10 inch high, and you are perfectly sup[ported against any sort of fire hazard on the lower legs and ankle. These black fire and water-resisting boots are created fit with lace to toe design.

They may look narrow but are adjustable to accommodate ant foot size. With this lightweight black non burn boots made stylish with technora upper stitching that offers the best service on raging fire grounds, you can be sure that your feet will always remain dry and supported.

  • The rolled leather ensure boots does not hold dirt
  • Has brass eyelets and studs boosting durability
  • Has permanent heat control stytherm counter system
  • Includes hard toe for protection against falling stray debris
  • With full leather insole, keeps it dry
  • Not effective for a long-distance walk
  • Waste time lacing too many laces
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10. White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot

White’s boots 400vltt boots are special designs that is 10 inches high to offer excellent ankle support while still maintaining great mobility. These best wildland firefighting boots are the kind you can trust as a professional fire fighting guy every time you want to go out for fire calls. They have lace to toe design that makes them appear great and also have Vibram sole for ideal traction when on slippery forests.

The shoe meets all set standards for wildland firefighting. When wearing this footwear, you feel great and confident due to their streamline nature and high comfort when wearing, makes you feel the energy to run, and strike any crawling dangers like wild snakes.

  • Has proper padded collar for comfort
  • Features elegant stitch down the sole structure
  • Has eyelets and brass hooks that is durable
  • Boots are both water and heat resistant
  • The insole is sufficiently cushioned
  • They retail at a relatively high cost
  • Has too long lacing system
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Criteria for Choosing Best Wildland Fire Boots

When buying firefighting boots, safety is the thing that you cannot take lightly. Only buy boots that are NFPA approved. You must be able to identify boots that will ensure you work correctly without compromising your health or risk-taking.

Design and Material

The boots, therefore, should be designed high above the ankle to protect your lower leg from excess heat. The shoes you buy need to be fire-resistant and also comfort when wearing since firefighters work in areas where temperatures rise too high. Rubber or leather materials are most preferred because they are hard to burn.

Water Resistant

The resistance of the boost for both water and heat is another quality to consider when buying. Thy must be water-resistant since firefighters use water to put off raging fires, the boots should not let in water. Something else is that the boots should be rated as static dissipative, to mean they are electrical resistant. Firefighters sometimes work in places where there are live cables curring current, and being in contact with water can be more hazardous.


Traction is something else firefighters boots should have. The boots should resist slippage and falling. Working with fire and water can cause the surface to be very slippery, and if you don’t be careful, you can fall and get consumed by the raging flames. Therefore, while the solution to slippery is almost impossible, boots built with the proper outsole that has rubber and threads to boost traction can help manage.

What Are Wildland Firefighting Boots?

Wildland firefighting boots are special boots crafted with super quality features that make them so rugged. They designed to walk and run uphill, downhill, and rocky terrain than any other boots bearing in mind that the users require safety to save a life. They should be light for users to jump smoke quickly and run when need be.

The fact that there is a lot to be wary in the wilderness like stepping on fire debris or snake and other dangers in the desert, the boots should also be heat resistant that the user may be comfortable while on them.

What Are the Types of Firefighter Boots?

There are three unique disparate firefighting boots ;

Turn-out or bunker boots. City center firefighters usually wear these boots; they must have standard features like being puncture resistance and also protect users toe. With modern technology, these shoes use sturdy leather and lightweight for natural to drive in.

Station boots. Station boots do not have to meet qualities like heat resistant or puncture because they are not for fire calls. They worn in the stations, and their types depend on the station rules.

Wildland firefighting boots. These should be heavy-duty boots that can work and w3alk on any terrain and hard rocky environments. They must be of high performance, hiking quality, and durable.

Benefits of Wearing Boots for Wildland Firefighting

There are various benefits you get from wearing the best wildland firefighting boots if you are firefighters, one of them is protection. These shoes must be able to protect from excess heat. When they are heat resistant, you can be sure no heat risk whatsoever reaches your foot ankle, or lower leg.

They should also offer support, comfort, and breathability. If there is no proper air circulation, it means you can easily suffer from fungal infections and bad smell, which will compromise your comfort. With the best shoes, you cannot worry about ankle support or comfort issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have to Insist on Nfpa Approved Wildland Fire Boots?

The reason why when buying you should insist on knowing if boots are NFPA approved since such boots are tested and found to meet all quality specs that a firefighter must need in a boot. And another reason is to stop those brands that produce to make money exposing users to poor risky boots.

What Are Firefighter Boots Made Of?

Initially, the best wildland firefighting boots had only rubber and leather, but today’s boots include some excellent synthetic materials. Synthetic materials addition boost toughness and resistivity of the shoes on fire, water, and electricity.

Can a Firefighter Boot by Any Chance Expand to Fit My Feet?

Not necessarily, you should buy boots that will be exactly your measurements that have just a slight space for mobility. If the boots keep expanding, they will not be sufficient to fit you. So firefighting boots will not expand as you may think.

How to Choose Wildland Fire Boots?

Generally, all the information we have discussed in this article and more data you can get from the buyer’s guide will help you make the right decision on best wildland firefighting boots.


While there is more and more information on the internet about ideal best wildland firefighting boots, you should check on the quality of boots you are investing in for your health. What to be careful about when buy inferno fighting boots is the sole and quality of the leather making the upper.

For your safety, buy boots that have medium heels to avoid those with a high heel as that can develop health complications later in life, causing painful arches. Finally, NFPA approval is something that can guarantee you have ideal boots.

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