10 Best Wrestling Shoes for Wide Feet [ Reviews and Buyer’s Guide ]

Best Wrestling Shoes for Wide Feet

Wrestling is a sports activity just like MMA and other martial arts. Wrestling is a popular yet serious sport that is meant to test strength, agility, and how much someone can endure close combat. With so many wide shoes varieties on the market, and so many things to consider, it has been a tough job to narrow down the best wrestling shoes for wide feet, but someone had to do it.

This article describes ideal shoes that aim at helping wrestlers to defend themselves and also fight opponents with vigor.

What is Wrestling Shoes?

Well before the development of quality wrestling shoes, wrestlers used to fight barefoot. Today wrestling shoes with designs meant to increase support, stability, and protect fighters make the game worth practicing.

Wrestling shoes are special footwear manufactured to offer wrestlers support and stability on every point of the foot, which enhances their performance. A pair of shoes help fighters to make sudden smooth moves without compromising the fighter ability to control weight or motion.n shoes work to optimize speed in whichever motion. They have an excellent grip on the ground but allow easy kicks effortlessly.

What Benefits Do These Shoes Bring?

Perfect wrestling shoes offer balance and flexibility. Well, if you are using recommended wrestling shoes, you have a competitive advantage because they enhance performance. They allow you to take-offs, hold twists, and take your opponent down without creating slipping issues. Your safety and defense depend partially on the kind of shoes you are wearing.

They improve wrestler’s ankle support and traction. Most of the wrestling shoes have a minimalist design, so to feel the opponent’s body while on vigorous kicking and works better than running shoes. They have a bit high arch, which makes the wrestler quick kicking right from the stationary point.

Feature of Wrestling Shoes for Wide Feet

Away from normal shoes for wrestling, when it comes to wrestlers with wide feet, more improvements are needed.

Material: If you look for shoes with synthetic material designed upper, you are safe. The synthetic is always lightweight and also is more durable. Such material makes shoes that are somewhat elastic to allow and conform to various movements. Although sued can be utilized instead of synthetic, the shoes become more expensive and a bit heavier in comparison to synthetically made options.

Mesh upper and rubber soles: Since comfort means everything to any wrestler, shoes with a mesh design on the sides allow proper air circulation and evaporating any sweat build up. Additionally, shoes that have quality and durable rubber outsole boosts traction hence allowing ideal grip.

Best Wrestling Shoes for Wide Feet

NameMade ofSolePrice
ASICS Men's Matflex 6 Wrestling ShoesSynthetic & MeshRubberCheck Price
adidas Men's mat Wizard.3-MSynthetic & TextileRubberCheck Price
ASICS Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling ShoeSynthetic and meshRubberCheck Price
Otomix Men's Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA & Wrestling ShoesMeshRubberCheck Price
adidas Men's HVC Wrestling ShoeSynthetic Leather & SuedeRubberCheck Price
ASICS Men's Snapdown Wrestling ShoeTextile and SyntheticRubberCheck Price
Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing ShoesLeather & TextileRubberCheck Price
  1. ASICS Men’s Matflex 6

ASICS Men's Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes, 10.5, Classic...

Well, the model is the top-selling and ASICS brand pride, which not only makes them more famous but also accepted worldwide.

Consumers love what is more available and with impressive quality. The all reliable round shoes for wrestlers will never fail you, for their admirable durability and lightweight.

ASICS Matflex 6 model has an upper created with snug fit sued overlay to fit your shoes perfectly. The updated design is the sought after make, which will keep your feet safe from any slight smell due to their excellent breathability. What makes them unique is the shoelace design, which tightens and hides the lacing that would otherwise disrupt sparring competition.

Matlflex 6 has an indispensable versatile design that allows them to performs best in any wrestling style or technique. Their firm grip nature and flexible bending soles make them ultimately recommendable for all users, including those with wide feet.


  • Features supportive suede fabric upper
  • Have lace pockets preventing lace loosening issues
  • The mesh design overlay allows breathability
  • Cushioned soles for comfortability
  • Made lightweight and slip resistance


  • Sizes run small hence not for all
  • Wears out way too soon
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  1. Adidas Men’s Mat Wizard.3-M

adidas Men's Mat Wizard.3 Wrestling Shoes, Power...

If you think that Adidas brand only deals with running, walking, or football playing shoes only, then this is a surprise to you. Adidas has credibility in designing men’s wide wrestling shoes with quality additions that you cannot fathom.

Firstly, these shoes feature a single superior sole with grip and traction that you will hardly find elsewhere. So the hard to get sole is durable, sturdy yet flexible to take any twisting shape, the characteristic that attracts more wrestling enthusiasts to buying the shoe model.

To stay on firm hold, the V-shape patterns and the textile overlays that are raised at the ankle area helps the fighter to feel more ankle protection while on stage. The Adidas model comes in so many colors and sizes, all having smart synthetic and textile stitching for durable performance.

The synthetic and textile blend keeps the shoes from loosening too soon while allowing proper airflow. They are comfortable wrestling shoes to allow enough space for foot and little elasticity for a flexible fit.


  • Sufficient grip and performance
  • Raised for extra ankle support
  • Comes various colors and sizes
  • Lacing system fits greatly
  • Textile stitching offers adequate breathability


  • Long lacing delays slip-on/off
  • User complains about durability
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  1. Asics Men’s Split Second 9 – Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling...

When you think about best wrestling shoes for wide feet, Asics Men’s Split Second 9 must come at the top due to its unique feature.

Split second 9 model by Asics are wrestlers savior shoes that are reliable for their perfect mobility, traction, and support anytime. These top-quality shoe upper designed with synthetic and mesh blend to allow constant airflow.

This supportive ASICS model is breathable, wiping out any sort of sweat, preventing bad smell, and protecting the user from injuries. Flexible split-sole keeps you agile throughout the match. The material blend making the upper makes the boots have lightweight nature, the feature which allows users to fight for long hours and even the following day without feeling fatigue.


  • Provides comfy snug fit hence user friendly
  • Ankle supports prevent injuries on the ankle area
  • Features breathable mesh lining wiping away any sweat
  • Synthetic and textile blend promotes durability
  • Comes in a lightweight design


  • Have limited color designs
  • Their sizes run small
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  1. Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape

Otomix Men's Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting...

If you play several fighting sports or systems and versatility is your top priority, then Men’s Stingray Escape footwear from Otomix will be your perfect option. As perfect shoes to use in Bodybuilding, Wrestling, MMA, and some other Martial Art Systems, they help save on capital, especially if the user participates in more than one activity. These shoes offer ankle support and traction for total comfort.

The mesh and leather upper improve durability plus excellent breathability. Additionally, shoes have a thin outsole with sufficient traction and extremely lightweight. The wide width wrestling shoes can have a tremendous overall good performance on the mat.


  • Versatile for use in many sport activities
  • Manufactured durable and lightweight
  • Offers reliable ankle support hence more comfort
  • They feature motion control ankle straps
  • Aesthetic mesh stitching allows breathability


  • Thin outsole compromises durability
  • Runs a bit narrower than expected
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  1. Adidas Men’s Hvc – Wrestling Shoe

adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoe, Black/White/Iron...

While durability and flexibility are what wide feet wrestlers look for, Adidas, through Men’s HVC model crafted precisely crafted all round sought after features. These shoes come in a blend of suede leather and fabrics to maximize comfort and user-oriented support. These wrestling shoes are designs with minimal additions to ensure they are lightweight for user comfort.

The elastic lace straps and rubber outsole together gives the best grip on every step. All these additions in this model from Adidas to ensure total fit while wrestling. These extra wide wrestling shoes will set you much ahead of your opponent in a competition situation.


  • Elastic lace straps improve fit
  • Leather uppers enhance durability and aesthetic look
  • The lightweight design prevents user fatigue after fighting
  • Single-layer mesh upper ensures extraordinary breathability
  • Tongued padding increases the comfort level


  • Require initial stretching and break-in
  • Illuminating suede-leather blend causes feet warm
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  1. ASICS Men’s Snapdown

ASICS Men's Snapdown, Black/Silver, 11.5 M US

ASICS brand is here again, and it seems they have invested so much in creating so many models that are versatile and ideal wrestling shoes for wide feet. This particular model comes with full-length rubber outsole reinforced with ‘Serra dial’ traction points to ensure not only that the shoe fits but also resist any slip. You don’t have to fear getting tired after whole day fighting cause the shoes are lightweight.

If you are getting ready to hit the mat in style, Snapdown men’s shoes from ASICS is your reliable king of twist that will offer you flexible performance and enhancing your overall chances to hit the medal. The shoes have a mesh lining that offers sufficient ventilation, wiping away any sweat, and hence odor-free foot conditions.


  • Comes with an integrated lacing system
  • Features breathable upper increasing user confidence levels
  • Powerful fit full-length rubber outsole
  • Sufficient traction boosting stability and grip
  • Retails at consumer-friendly budget


  • There are no color verity options
  • Needs more time to break-in than alternative shoes
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  1. Ringside Diablo Shoes

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes, 10, Black

When looking for wrestling shoes for wide width, do not underestimate the power Ringside Diablo shoes. The shoes are designed by the Ringside brand, which invested a lot of their best resources to create award-winning footwear for users in wrestling and other fighting activities. The top-performing stylish shoes come in various designs and colors to suit anyone’s needs.

What is unique about these shoes is that they feature both men and women’s designs. In Ringside Diablo’s footwear, all colors apart from pink are for men, and pink color is the only women style. They are ultra-lightweight, which guarantees optimal speed and agility. They possess patent vinyl leather finish upper and nylon mesh upper for good ventilation and durability.


  • Their lightweight nature enhances footwork speed
  • Shoes mold right for a perfect snug fit
  • Shoes feature stylish and aesthetic women sizes
  • They are designed affordable for easy accessible
  • Manufactured stylish to bridge classical and modern fashion


  • Massive kick feel through to the foot
  • Durability is compromised especially outsole
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Criteria to Buy Wrestling Shoes

Before you pay for an online cut or hand out your hard-earned money in the local store, it is prudent to weigh out somethings and narrow done to your get exact preference. Below tips will help you pick the most impressive model of the best wrestling shoes for wide feet available in the market.

Fit and ankle support

Fitting is the key in choice of the shoes you want. It will put you out of the competition if your shoes keep slipping off or lace unlacing. Ensure you pick fit shoes that allow you to make agile moves effortlessly. Another thing is the ankle support, make sure the kind of footwear you purchase will protect your lower leg, ankle area, and foot entirely, else you will lose the fight and go your way with injuries.

Material option

You should always research on which material will give you ideal durability, elasticity, flexibility, and will allow proper breathing. Materials have a significant impact on the choice of shoes you buy.think about mesh, leather, synthetic or genuine, and others.

Soles and traction patters

Depending on your weight, you can choose which soles will be ideal for you. For instance, whether insoles or split soles, the choice is yours.the outsole determines the traction patterns. Narrow down your preference to choose between sued or rubber outsole. Traction and grip should be moderate, not so grip to prevent your flexibility or slippery to lower your performance.

Why Are Wrestling Shoes Important?

Wrestling shoes are very crucial in the wrestling sport because they have unique designs to make proper contact with the hall mat. So they need to be in balance since even too sticky footwear can cause missteps while slippery once my cause you falling altering your performance.

How Do You Clean Wrestling Shoes?

You should wipe the outer shoe overlays with a cotton cloth dipped in warms water. The warm water should have some dish soap and swish the fabric before cleaning it. Repeat the same for interior but and let the shoes remain on the sun or any other warm surface to dry.

Can You Wear Socks With Your Wrestling Shoes?

Well, yes, but the kind of socks you wear should not be too loose or tight as that may discomfort disrupting your performance. Only use snug fit socks you may also consult your trainer regarding the socks to wear.

How Long Do Wrestling Shoes Last?

Your wrestling shoes will wear out depending on how frequently you wear them or the model and material making the shoes. Therefore we cannot specify, some leather shoes take up to two years if used for wrestling activities only. Just replace when you feel they are losing traction threads.

Final Thought

There is so much to consider when buying the best wrestling shoes for wide feet. This article gives you a broader thought that you can narrow down to pick the right shoes that will mean comfort and boosting your performance. The critical thing is investing in fit and lightweight shoes that will not doom your career.

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