How to Break in Boots Fast


No doubt, getting yourself the best work boot is just the first step to comfortability and support. Nevertheless, what we most desire is to be able to wear and fit into our new tough and heavy-duty boots without ending up with blisters or the likes.

This kind of situation will certainly get you worried about wearing your nice sleek boots for a second time. It is not surprising to feel like deserting those quality leather boots in a corner after feeling that intense pain on your first wear.

Fortunately, breaking in your new cool kicks can be a breeze with our exclusive tip compelled just for you. Get ready to experience a splendid feeling of comfort.

Why is it necessary for Boots to Be Broken In?

Breaking in becomes a necessity for anyone having trouble fitting in perfectly in their boots. For the ultimate comfortability, support, and protection. Ideally, leather boots usually require more time and effort to break in due to their material composition.

It is not ideal for a boot to be too tight on the foot either, most especially for anyone diagnosed with a foot orthopedic condition.

In recent times, most footwear designs possess an easy break-in feature. Nevertheless, this feature tends to fail in some cases of wrong fit or an extremely tight fit.

Here are leathers to watch out for before even thinking about purchasing or breaking in:

Full-grain leather

The full-grain leather is unprocessed and extremely tough. Even though it possesses exceptional quality and moisture retention, it is still the toughest to break in.

Suede Leather

This type of leather is relatively smooth, soft on the surface but at the same thick, and exceptional in quality.  Its unique flexibility makes it easier to break in.

Top-grain Leather

Unlike the unprocessed or minimally processed full-grain, top grain leather undergoes processing. The surface is sand and buffed to eliminate blemishes and imperfections. Breaking in might be a bit difficult.

How To Break in Boots fast?

Going from one boot to another and still not feel at ease with your feet can be quite troublesome. Understandably, you’ll want to speed up the process and rock your cool work boots all day long.

The truth is that it takes time to get your footwear kicking and relaxing because your feet won’t just fit right in at the first trial. Luckily, you can now break in your heavy-duty boots quickly and efficiently with these efficient steps.

Step 1: Getting the right size

Breaking in becomes relatively faster and easier when you have the right fit for your feet. This way the shoe won’t be too tight nor tough and it only becomes a matter of time before you start rocking your shoe all day with no pain nor blisters.

If you also intend to order online, it is advisable to check and test out your shoe size in a nearby shoe store.

Step 2: Put on a comfortable thick sock

Thick socks make the perfect extra cushion needed for comfort when breaking in your new heavy-duty boots. Don’t ever expect your new boots to be comfy upon the first trial. Although some don’t have any issues with breaking in. Nevertheless, sock makes the transition between putting it on and off smooth and easy.

Step 3: Walk around just to break-in

Breaking in your new footwear is certainly not a one-day process. You have to take some occasional walks just to hasten the process of breaking in. As time goes on, the midsoles, outsoles, and upper start to adjust to the feet size and becomes comfortable.

Step 4: Shoe stretching techniques

There are about three shoe-stretching techniques for breaking in your boots, without involving the feet itself. The first is getting a shoe stretcher itself, and inserting it for some days. This will help stretch the component and fibers of the materials, thus making it easy to break-in.

You can also make use of water bags and freezing. Now, get two thick plastic water bags and fill them with water. Then put the boots filled with water bags in the freezer once you confirm the water bags are fitted perfectly in with no space for air.

The expansion of water when it ice is the main agent here. Repeat the process for days until you can feel the material composition relaxed and stretch for an easy break-in.


Breaking in your new footwear doesn’t have to end with blisters and pains. We all deserve to have a painless and smooth break-in with no fuss. You also don’t need to endure and struggle in pain for weeks or years before having that painless and comfortable fit.

With our exclusive tip compelled just for your convenience, breaking in becomes so easy and comfortable. It’s time to get all the comfort, support, and protection you need.

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