What Are Skid Resistant Shoes?

What Are Skid Resistant Shoes

What Are Skid Resistant Shoes

Definition of Skid Resistance

All shoes have some special characteristics that help you stay balanced when you are wearing them. The question of what are skid-resistant shoes have been identified as a major one from the industry, and that is why all manufacturers are trying to great shoes that have extreme skid resistance.

Skid is the reaction of the outsole when reaching a smooth surface either by construction or by extra lubricant substances that spilled on top of it. Many types of shoes are good enough for skid and are used especially for sports activities.

Most of the walking and running shoes, however, need to be skid resistant. This resistance derives from the special design of the outsole that has to create more friction to the ground than the normal barefoot.

Which Are the Most Skid Resistant Shoes on the Market?

Many shoe creators are claiming to have skid resistant shoes. The reality is that only a few of them can support the skid resistance idea to such an extent that they assure you of not falling or sliding in uneven or slippery surfaces.

First, the construction boots are among the shoes that show a significant amount of skid resistance. This is due to their extreme design that has a steel toe in front and extra lugs on the outsole. This creates a perfect balance between the front and the rear part of the shoe where most of the bodyweight accumulated.

Additionally, there are shoes like the basketball ones that initially designed to protect the ankle and metatarsal area of the athletes. This category of shoes is also having exceptional skid resistance to all slippery terrains thanks to their ultimate outsole design. Their outsoles are rigid and flexible enough to give you greater support and have more lugs to produce increased friction to the ground.

Finally, climbing shoes can be the champions of the anti-skid race. These pairs of shoes are elevated to the ankle area and protect the upper mesh and shaft with lots of extra cushioning. This powerful structure is continued to the outsole where the anti-slip technology reaches the sky. More balanced soles give you extreme stability in uneven terrains that are common to find when you are climbing.

Shoes That Have Reduced Skid Resistance

Some of the shoes that are on the market are not extremely skid resistant, and you need to be extra careful when wearing them. These are primarily the formal shoes for men and women, especially high heels.

This category of shoes has a limited touch to the ground and doesn’t share the body weight between the front and rear sides of the shoes. That is why skid resistance is lower than the average, and they can put you in danger of injury when wearing them.

Additionally, the running shoes sometimes lack the proper lugs on the outsole and appear to be less skid resistant than usual shoes. This is because their designers opted for a more lightweight profile than adding some extra rubber to the outsole for skid protection. Thus, athletes that are competing in running courts should be aware that any oily substance on the court could easily make them lose their balance and fall which in return could make them lose the race or getting injured.

Finally, the slippers are a unique category of footwear that gives you limited skid resistance on any type of terrain. Slippers by their nature are indoor shoes that cannot be worn outside for longer periods. In case you use them for road trips, you have to be aware that your balance may be in danger when passing through slippery roads. Their outsoles keep on being basic with no extra lugs while their inner weight balance is of the worst on the market.


Slip resistant shoes are always better to have when you are competing as an athlete, or you perform perilous types of jobs. This kind of shoes should adequately protect your feet joints and ligaments and provide you with the best balance available.

Make sure you always get the best skid resistant shoes so that you can always be working on the safe side.

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