Why Do Iron workers Wear Wedge Boots


Iron working is a highly demanding job that is full of risks. In fact, iron workers have to work in construction sites full of heavy metal and climb high structures to secure metal parts.


Hence, they are constantly at risk of foot injuries from heavy metal objects. And a pair of protective boots can save them from such foot injuries. Moreover, they need work boots that will give them traction while they are climbing high structures.


Most iron workers choose wedge boots as they provide both impact resistance and high traction. Apart from these, wedge boots offer a lot more benefits for ironworkers.

Read on to find out more on why do iron workers wear wedge boots.



What Boots Do Iron workers Wear?

Ironworkers require special boots to stay safe from injuries and work comfortably. Now, the question may arise, what kind of boots do iron workers wear?


Iron workers wear boots that include a safety toe box. This is a must to protect their feet from heavy objects. Steel or composite safety toes offer high impact and compression protection.


Moreover, as iron workers often work with electrical machinery for cutting iron, they wear electric shock-resistant boots. This protects them from secondary electrocution.


Apart from these, ironworkers wear boots that offer water resistance, high traction, a comfortable footbed, and extreme durability. As wedge boots offer all these features, most ironworkers wear wedge boots.


What Are Wedge Boots?

So what are wedge boots? Wedge boots feature a wedged sole. This is basically a cushioning that is slightly elevated in the heel. This special sole ensures the stability and comfort needed for iron workers.

The wedge shaped sole provides high traction and anti-trip protection. These boots have outer soles made of also oil and heat-resistant material like polyurethane.

What’s more, wedge boots may include steel or fiberglass shanks for more stability and safety toes for toe protection. All in all, wedge boots are perfect for iron workers who work in harsh work environments.

Why Do Iron workers Wear Wedge Boots

Wedge boots come with tons of benefits for iron workers. We have discussed them below. So if you are an ironworker, read on to find out why you should choose wedge boots.

Superior Traction

Iron workers have to work on high structures such as bridges and rails. Hence, they need to have a work boot that will keep their feet steady while climbing. And wedge boots provide excellent traction both on a flat surface and steep heights.


Wedge boots feature outsoles made with anti-slip materials. So ironworkers will be safe from falling on slippery surfaces. And the unique wedged pattern on the outsoles ensures more grip.


Heat Resistance

The temperature while iron welding becomes extremely high. The wedge boots have heat-resistant outsoles to combat this high heat. That means these boots will protect the feet from harsh temperatures while welding iron.


Shock Resistance

Iron workers need to work with electrical machinery for welding and cutting iron. Hence, they are at risk of electrocution from live wires and electrocuted metals.


Wedge boots have soles made of non-conductive material. And they are EH rated. This means ironworkers will be protected from live wires by wedge boots as electricity cannot pass by the non-conductive outsoles.


Impact & Compression Protection

Wedge boots come with safety toe caps. They either include steel toes or composite toes. Safety toes protect the feet from heavy falling objects.


These boots also include impact absorbent inserts. This helps in protecting the feet from impact when they land on sharp objects. Having impact absorbance is essential for ironworkers as they work around heavy metals all day long.


Reduces Foot Fatigue

Wedge boots have flat outsoles. So the entire outsole touches the ground while walking. This means there is no pressure point in these boots.


As the whole feet come in contact with the ground, pressure is distributed evenly. Therefore, ironworkers won’t experience any foot fatigue. They also won’t feel any pain from working on their feet all day long.


Increased Arch Support

Fiberglass shanks are lighter than steel shanks. Yet they provide appropriate support to the arch. Arch support helps reduce stress accumulation in the arch.


Continued foot stress can end up injuring the lower back, waist, and ankles in the long term. So, support is a must for ironworkers as they work on their feet for long hours.


Less Dirt Accumulation

Wedge boots are entirely closed off. There is no way of dirt getting inside the boots. So your feet will be clean and fresh.


Another great thing is the flat outer sole. Flat outer soles don’t gather as much dirt as other boots. Hence the wedge boots stay clean for longer.


Water Resistance

Iron workers need boots that are waterproof. Because water can make them slip and water is also conductive of electricity. Wedge boots solve these problems.


Wedge boots are made with waterproof materials to keep the water out. They also include waterproof membranes inside the boot for more protection. So your feet will stay dry even while working on watery surfaces.


Excellent Construction

Wedge boots are built using Goodyear welt construction. This welt construction ensures that the outer and inner soles stay securely connected. High-quality construction ensures that these boots stay in shape even in harsh conditions.


Proper Insulation

As iron workers work around extreme temperatures, they need boots with proper insulation. Wedge boots come with insulation to keep the heat out.


And these boots also have moisture-wicking linings. This means your feet will stay sweat-free and fresh even in hot conditions.


Superior Durability

Iron workers work on their feet all day long. Their work condition is also highly adverse. So they need boots that can withstand their work environment and serve them a long time.


Full-grain leather, steel or fiberglass shanks, polyurethane rubber, steel toes along with the welt construction make wedge boots extremely durable. These boots can protect iron workers from injury and also provide appropriate support in the harshest conditions.



Final Thoughts

Wedge boots have been made keeping in mind the needs of iron workers. These boots ensure safety and stability to iron workers even when they are working in perilous situations.

Hopefully, our discussion on why do iron workers wear wedge boots has convinced you of their importance. So if you are an ironworker, wedge boots are the best option for you. Because these boots will not only offer you high protection but also ensure comfort all day long.




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